Dienstag, 11. Juli 2023

"The Plant" Live Performance 16th Intern. Workshop Week in Lüben

 "The Plant" Live Performance, 13 minutes

During the exhibition and final presentation of the 16th International Workshop Week Symposium in Lüben, I also presented a new live performance. I have performed three times, once on Saturday July 8th and twice on July 9th 2023. Actually the performance is based on a video performance that I had tried out in May this year during the Pedvale project in Pedvale, Latvia

The work, like the two installation works I created during the symposium, has a philosophical approach, based on Buddhist and Zen thoughts, but at the same time containing autobiographical elements. It is a live performance with deliberate movements and without words. To reflect the concept of dignity in relation to time, stillness, the power of solitude and the fact that every living being and every object has its dignity.

Photos : Vincent Grahn

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