Freitag, 21. Juli 2023

"HOCHDRUCK NOW 70 Years XYLON" Kunstmuseum Reutlingen

  My lino print 7374 from the portfolio Red Zen is on display at:


Kunstmuseum Reutlingen Spendhaus

23.07.2023 - 22.10.2023

Opening Sunday 23.07.2023 at 11 am.

Opening Times Thu. - Fri. 14-20 h / Wed, Sat, Sun, Holidays 11-18 h.

Spendhausstrasse 4

72764 Reutlingen , Germany

Curator Johannes Krause-Schenk

With works by selected artists, members and founding members of the printmakers association XYLON Germany. XYLON Germany focus on woodcutting and relief printing and is one of the most renowned initiatives that was founded in post-war Germany in the 1950

The associations wants to bundle and network artistic positions that set new impulses in their examination of letterpress, especially woodcuts, and thus expand the medium to include important contemporary aspects. In conjunction of the scientific and curatorial work of the art museum, the oldest printed medium maintained and further developed.

Donnerstag, 13. Juli 2023

À noite, todos os gatos são pardos

 My motive “Darkness” was selected for the Postcard Edition:

À noite, todos os gatos são pardos

At night, all cats are gray

Collective Photography Exhibition + Release Postcard Edition

15.07.2023 – 23.09.2023

Opening 15 July 2023, 15.00 h.

Atelier Obscura

Rua de Porto de Mós n.107 loja A, 2415-784 Leiria, Portugal

While going through the postcards, the attentive gaze of the viewer reveals what lies beyond the visible, while the photographic images make us reflect on how we see and represent reality. In the shadows of the night, cats become gray, and in photography, subjective interpretation reveals hidden variations. It is in this sense that we emphasize the importance of looking beyond appearances and questioning our own perception of reality.

Dienstag, 11. Juli 2023

"The Plant" Live Performance 16th Intern. Workshop Week in Lüben

 "The Plant" Live Performance, 13 minutes

During the exhibition and final presentation of the 16th International Workshop Week Symposium in Lüben, I also presented a new live performance. I have performed three times, once on Saturday July 8th and twice on July 9th 2023. Actually the performance is based on a video performance that I had tried out in May this year during the Pedvale project in Pedvale, Latvia

The work, like the two installation works I created during the symposium, has a philosophical approach, based on Buddhist and Zen thoughts, but at the same time containing autobiographical elements. It is a live performance with deliberate movements and without words. To reflect the concept of dignity in relation to time, stillness, the power of solitude and the fact that every living being and every object has its dignity.

Photos : Vincent Grahn

Samstag, 8. Juli 2023

Final Presentation Symposium Int. Workshop Week Lüben

On the weekend of 8th and 9th of July 2023 the end presentation and exhibition from all artists of the Symposium 16th International Workshop in Lüben takes place. The whole village became an exhibition space. I create two Installations (Land Art) in public space and perform on both days a new performance all related to the Theme Dignity. The installations will stay in the small village park. More about my new  performance piece will follow in another post

Images Installation 1 "9048" or "Courage, Wisdom , Compassion" and Installation 2 "9049" or "Between Sky and Earth" . The concept and idea of both installations are base on Buddhist philosophy and thoughts related to the term of Diginity.

Title “9048” Courage, Wisdom,Compassion

Material: Stone, Bricks,

The basic idea of this work is based on Buddhist philosophy in relation to the concept of dignity. In Buddhism there is a description of the path to dignity and enlightenment. Dignity rests on three steps: Courage, Wisdom and Compassion. Furthermore, the work expresses a closeness to nature

Title 9049 Between Heaven and Earth

Material: stone, branch, red thread, jute ribbon and trees

This work is also based on Buddhist philosophy and thoughts. In contrast to the first installation, this work expresses more of the invisible boundaries between heaven, earth and life. Furthermore, that everything in this world is visibly and invisibly connected. Regarding Dignity - Dignity cannot be touched or visible object Dignity is an expression, an attitude. Something between heaven and earth. All living beings and even objects have dignity. But dignity is a fragile thing. Which can easily be destroyed, by others or by oneself.

Donnerstag, 6. Juli 2023

The desire to fly - Workshop for school children

The Wednesday afternoon 5th of July of the Symposium in Lüben was reserved for an art workshop for students between the ages of 11 and 16. 

Two to three students were assigned to each of the artists participating in the symposium. I had been assigned two eleven-year-old students. Who were also the youngest participants. At the beginning I briefly explained what means  installations, land art and performance and showed some examples. But I think it's more important that students or children try things and possibilities themselves. Just experiment with your creativity. I try to avoid creating a school atmosphere, feeding them art-educational nonsense, or pushing them in a direction that I like to see as an artist. I prepared very few things, e.g. plastic foil in different thicknesses and two different types of thin rope. They would look for the rest of the material in the area themselves. During the afternoon, when I worked with the two students, I gave as few instructions and interfered with their actions as little as possible. The result of this afternoon was both creating with the wind and experimenting with materials and elements. They also create a delicate land art art piece with the rope and branches between two large trees. However, they returned to the plastic foil and went to the fields to make the best use of the wind and space. The desire to get off the ground and fly away was the inspiration for their creativity on this particularly afternoon.

Dienstag, 4. Juli 2023

Internationale Werkstattwoche – International Workshop Week

 And again back to the country side . I am participating at

Internationale Werkstattwoche – International Workshop Week


01.07.2023 – 10.07.2023

Lüben, Lower Saxony. Germany

For ten days, 18 artists from seven nations will stay in the village of Lüben (today part of the town of Wittingen)/ The artists working in the fields of painting, drawing, photography, video and installation.

At the end there will a two-days exhibition of the work created during the symposium. During those ten days several workshops for adults and children will take place Every second year since 1991 the Culture Association Wittingen and the town of Wittingen organize the artist’s symposium “International Workshop” in the idyllic village of Lüben, Lower Saxony, Germany. For every symposium a theme is choosen . This years theme is “Dignity”

I am currently creating two small land art installations for the event. Well, the first one could be said to be more of a public space installation or even a sculpture rather than a land art installation. Both works deal with the topic of dignity in a more metaphorical and symbolic way.