Montag, 22. April 2024

REPAIR / Miami New Media Festival, Amsterdam 2023-2024


My video work “ the HEALING" will presented at:

REPAIR / Miami New Media Festival, Amsterdam 2023-2024

26.04.24 – 28.04.24 - Opening 26.04.24, 17.00 h


Marius van Bouwdijk Bastiaan Straat 28, (WG Terrein), 1054 SP Amsterdam, Netherlands

From April 26 to 28, the WGKunst headquarters (WG Terrein) will present the 2nd edition of the Miami New Media Festival Amsterdam with 18 video art proposals: five works selected through the recent call, five works by invited artists, and nine works from the international selection of the "Global Healing" edition (2023)..

From the international selection, the following artist will be present: María Korporal (DE), Johannes Christopher Gerard (NL), Fran Orallo (SP), Sara Bonaventura & Gianmarco Leprozo (IT), Alydia Wever & Ryan Oduber (AW/NL), Pedro Morales (USA/VZL), Laura Cabrera & Sira Cabrera (SP), Matteo Campulla (IT), and Steven Baboun (HAT) with RANTRE.

The Miami New Media Festival is a public art platform that has been promoting artistic creation through technology and new media for 20 years. MNMF Amsterdam's coordinator: Hugo Palmar

Dienstag, 16. April 2024


 A photographic work of mine entitled “Welcome Emptiness, Welcome Loneliness” from one of my Berlin portfolios is published in the book WHAT NOW?


Author Kat Mahale.

First published in the UK in 2024 by CMF – Feel More Creative, Esher, Surrey, UK

A collection of photographic works and interviews about and from the pandemic, highlighting how our creativity serves as a vital and powerful force, guiding us through challenging times. In the broadest sense, the series of interviews and photographic works is about how creativity helped survive the lockdown, redefining it as a time from which we can learn and a catalyst to change the way how we respond to difficult times in our lives.

Sonntag, 7. April 2024

NUDO, Barcelonas annual poetry festival

The Spanish version of my video poem Night, Street, Lantern, Pharmacy - La Noche, La Calle, El Farol, La Farmacia – Poet: Aleksander Blok / Voice: Alena Antonowa / Performance: theater groep STAGE DFT / Music: Podington Bear will be presentedat Proyección Mostra de Videopoesia V2 VERSOS&VISUALS. The projection is part of

NUDO, Barcelonas annual unleashed poetry festival (07.04-14.04.24)

Screening 13 April 2024, starting 16:00 h

Centre civic Pati Llimona (Gòtic)

Salón de actos

Carrer del Regomir, 3, Ciutat Vella, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

Annual poetic meeting in Barcelona that celebrates the unexpected links between beings and things, between ideas and forms. 1/3 NUDO Barcelona: April 7-14, 2024

About the work:

2017, 4:50 min

Link English Version:

Interpretation and reflection of the poem Night, Street, Lantern, Pharmacy by the Russian poet Aleksandr Blok . It was written in October 1912 and it is one of my favourite poems by Blok. The video is as well an experiment for to combine two different ways and styles of interpretation into one film. With urban scenery of St.Petersburg at night and the metaphoric and abstract interpretation of poem by the theatre group STAGE DFT (St.Petersburg, Russia). At the same time it´s a homage to St.Petersburg. The idea for a visual interpretation I got during a streetcar ride through St. Petersburg late a night. Aleksandr Blok (Александр Блок) (1880-1921) was the foremost of the Russian Symbolists, who changed the face of Russian letters from the late 1890s through until the Russian Revolution, leading Russian literature into a ‘Silver Age’ after the great works of the previous century. Even the poem is very short it is not easy to translate into another language. There are various English translation which differ quite a lot from each other . So I tried to make a visual interpretation of it.

Night, street, lantern, pharmacy,

a meaningless and dull light

Even if you live another quarter of a century

All will remain the same. There is no exit.

You´ll die - then you´ll begin all over again

Night, the canal´s rippled icy surface

pharmacy, street, lantern