Mittwoch, 26. Juni 2019

It´s About Women

My video work „White Cup“ will be presented at the „About Women“ art event. In conjunction with the event there will be a special screening with a selection of my other video works on 30th of June at 20.45


About women "is the exhibition on the theme of women, scheduled for June 29 and 30 in the Pilotti Chapel in Volvera. Artistic event in the framework of" NarraVolvera 2019 ", of the Municipal Administration of Volvera, in collaboration with the association" Questione di Sguardi ”and curated by Marta Valls.

White Cup“ is about the identity of the individual and the relationships between humans. Who we are, Who we think we are ,Woman-Man, Chinese-Caucasian and the labelling can go on. How we define and find our identity. How far is our identity created by social and cultural environments. The borders are not between South , North, West or East , neither between heaven and earth. The borders are just between you and me

Freitag, 21. Juni 2019

Night, Street, Lantern, Pharmacy in the middele of the Atlantic

My Video work Night, Street, Lantern, Pharmacy is part of Shorts @Fringe , the film and video part of The seventh edition of the Azores International Festival of Arts

The seventh edition of the Azores International Festival of Arts in the Azores , Fringe, (Portugal)  place from May 24 to June 30 with events on the 9 islands of the archipelago. More than 100 regional, national and international artists show their work, lead workshops and present themselves in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The film section, Shorts @ Fringe, features more than 50 short films from 30 countries. This year, Shorts @ Fringe will show films and videoes among others  in Espaço em Cena, in the Vila do Porto, Santa Maria; in La Bamba, in Ponta Delgada, São Miguel; in the Corvo Library; in the Public Library of Horta, in Faial; in the Luís da Silva Ribeiro Regional Archive and Library, in Angra do Angra do Heroísmo 

DARK in Cuba

Wednesday, May 29, 2019 at 18.00 h, INTERMEDIATIONS screened a of their selection of video program at the Film and TV School of San Antonio de los Baños - Cuba; My video DARK was part of the screened selections Due to problems with connectivity on the island, his information could not share this information before. INTERMEDIATIONS thanks the EICTV and ICAIC for allowing to show a small version of INTERMEDIATIONS at EICTV at their Glauber Rocha Aula

The Lab Program - Presentation Project "conecta - no conecta"

The Lab Program

31 mei 2019, 18.30-20.30, , Calle Eje Central Lázaro Cárdenas #85-3er piso, Mexico City

Presentation of the video performance conecta-no conecta and publication 

Conecta-no Conecta’ (Connectd-Not Connected) is a performance piece that usually is presented live by myself

In the context of Mexico City this work has been reframed as a collaborative video-performance made between Johannes and artists Fred Castro (MX), Fey Montalvo ( MX) and Hanna Doucet (FR).

La perfermance siempre es una fiera que incomodo, que aterrra,queabraza sobre el trabajo de Johannes C. Gerard en la Ciudad de México
author Valeria Montana, 32 pages (text Spanish/English) May 2019, potentA ediciones, Mexico City, Mexico


V ENAPE (06-11.05.2019) 11 May 2019 , 18.00-21.00, 
Foro 330, Pachuca, Mexico 

Live performance Connected-Not Connected.

Mittwoch, 5. Juni 2019

1 INTERNATIONAL SCREENDANCE FESTIVAL FREIBURG & Photometria International Photography Festival

My video work "DARK" will be screened at two event dates close to each other in two countries

First on Tuesday 04/06/19, at the Theater of the Municipal Cultural multiplex (PaleaSfagia) of Ioannina, Greece

Second on 07.06.19 in the section - Screening III - Wilis Nature - Spritis from the black Forest at the 1 INTERNATIONAL SCREENDANCE FESTIVAL at the Theater Freiburg, Kammerbühne Freiburg, Germany