Freitag, 29. Oktober 2021

EROS 24/7

 EROS 24/7

14th of October and 22nd of October 2021

Curator / Artistic Director Elias Kirsche (Basel, CH)

Between 14th of October and 22nd of October 2021 I participate at the Project Residence EROS 24/7 near the French/Swiss border by Basel, CH, in the village of Illtal, France

The aim of this project residency was that an interdisciplinary and mixed group of artists and non- artist should exploring for 8 days how erotic phenomena such as desire, seduction, lust, devotion, jealousy, play, death affect the inspiration and production of Art. Artistic means were one's own erogenous body, the written and spoken word, voice, movement, musical and visual techniques. What does erotic mean to us in its cultural-historical dimension? What role does the Eros play in the art, who, if one follows Plato and Socrates, mediates between the human and the divine world (cf. “Symposium”)? Using erotic art from different epochs and cultures, contemporary interpretations and implementations are to be proposed.

I created two personal projects in collaboration with Thomas Zollinger, Philemo Murkano, Elisabeth Schär, Tobias Gürtler and Mark Lüthi. As well I participated in several projects developed by the other participating artists.

Project No. 1 with  Thomas Zollinger, Philemo Murkano, Elisabeth Schär, 

Project No. 2 with Philemo Murkano, Tobias Gürtler and Mark Lüthi (camera) 

Donnerstag, 28. Oktober 2021

Mini Salon

 Mini Salon

International Small Works Traveling Exhibition

32 artists from 11 countries

October 21 - December 31, 2021

HOF Gallery

5659 Hamilton Ave, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Curators Gina Hartmann & Jamey Ponte

MINI SALON The only thing mini about this exhibition is the work. The vision was to be monumental in every other aspect. Though uniform in size each piece contains the spirit of the individual artist, but with a combined voice of a moment in time. Art soothes, persuades, perturbs, and above all persists. The incomparable years of 2020/21 inevitably influenced the artistic voice world wide.

In isolation one would assume a certain ignorance of the outside world, but it has been shown in the repressive or darkest of times there is a shared knowledge that seems to always permeate. This exhibition will serve as a time capsule of expression during a very significant time.
- Organized in partnership by NOW open studio & House of Friends, Kenya / US

In the exhibition are four small lino cut prints of mine are presented :

Donnerstag, 21. Oktober 2021

Video Club Bomba

Video Club Bomba
22nd of October 2021
Video Club Bomba - At the Culture Center Fabrika, Perevedenovsky Lane 18, 105082 Moscow, Russia

My work "But When Ever I Try..." will be screened at Video Club Bomba.On a regulary basis there is a screening of selected international and Russian video works. The Video Club is located in ex Soviet bomb shelter inside the interdisciplinary culture centre Fabrika
Curator Diana Galimzyanova

About "When Ever I Try... :
The work is related to social and urban environments, within the context of the subjects of isolation and faraway horizons. About a persons desperation and desire to leave and to change life conditions. But nevertheless when she or he tries every time obstacles will arise. Many people try every day again and again for to leave, to seek a change. But they end up in vain and disappointment

Samstag, 16. Oktober 2021

Lusted Men now in Brussel

 The project and touring exhibition Lusted Men in which I take part is currently on display in Brussel, Belgium

Lusted Men

October 15th to 24th 2021

Opening : Friday, October 15th at 6pm,

Nombreuse and Piano Fabriek , Rue du Fort 35 & 42, St. Gilles, Brussels, Belgium

Montag, 11. Oktober 2021

“koud slova” in South Korea at # social 2021

 “koud slova” in South Korea

# social 2021

13 October - 31 October 2021

CICA Museum

Gimpo, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

My video work “koud slova” which was made in collaboration with Meer and Kees de Vries is shown at # social 2021

The Exhibition: 

“#social 2021” is dealing with subject matters including socialization, social media, social distancing, social structure, and other social issues. The international group exhibition includes 2D digital art, video art, interactive art, painting, sculpture and installation art

About the “koud slova”

The work suggests the idea that the conversation in the video is not translatable and that it doesn't matter if you can understand part of it or nothing at all. That the meaning of interaction and communication arises not so much from the words themselves, but from a kind of “being” and “doing” of the protagonists . The interaction happens with each other, through gestures, physical actions and the mental exchange of bodies in order to understand
each other ..

Video :

Museum :