Donnerstag, 25. September 2014

Special Exhibition Täuschungen im Alltag

Turm der Sinne
Spittlertorgraben 45
90429 Nuernberg
Museum im Westturm

Open Tue - Fri. 13-17 h , Sat, Sun. 11-17 h and during school holidays every day from 11-17 h.

For this exhibition one photo from my portfolio Taipei 101 was selected.

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Freitag, 12. September 2014

Starting Video Installation

First shooting and videos taken for the video installation part of my project at my Soulangh Culture Park Residence.

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Donnerstag, 11. September 2014

Announcement first Workshop Land Art

On Sunday 14th of September 2014, I will give my first workshop about Land-Art. The Workshop will include a short intructions about Land - Art and afterwards participants  go out into the Soulangh Culture Park compund for to create their own Land Art objects.
The Workshop is open for kids and adults and it will start at 9.00 h in Gallery A1.
The participation fee is NTD 100,-

More workshops will follow for school groups at the end of September an another one like the one on 14 of September on 11 of October, the same day when my exhibition and presentation will open to the public.

Samstag, 6. September 2014

Mittwoch, 3. September 2014

Land Art Project 1 & Land Art Project 2

Most recently created at the Soulangh Artist Residence .
For more detailed background information, please refer to my special residence blog:

Land Art Project 1 Oeuvre 9025

Land Art Project 2 Oeuvre 9026