Montag, 28. September 2015

Bideodromo Festival - Bilbao, Spain

11.09.2015 -28.09.2015

For this years Biodromo Festival my video work No More Women´s Land was selected. It was a Spanish Premier of the work. The work was screened at Sarean, Corazon de Maria 4

Dienstag, 8. September 2015

In Bangladesh

Sultan Art Camp " Faith and Truth ", in Narail from 25.08-30.08.2015
Stay in Dhaka for photo and video shootings from 23/24.08 and 30.08 until 04.09.2015

I spent time in Bangladesh at two places. One was at the Sultan Art Camp in the small city of Narail. With a group of 11 another artist from Bangladesh and India and myself we create art objects during a five day long festival in honor of the painter S.M Sultan. A well known artist in Bangladesh who lived and worked in Narail. 
I made one small side spefic installation made from rope and two objects with canvas, photos and rope. 
After the camp I spent a week in the capital Dhaka for to make photos and videos shootings for my own future projects, as well for to meet some other artist. 

More information about Sultan and Narail:

Photos of the installation and art objects