Mittwoch, 31. August 2016

Hotel Europa

Video Exhibition Hotel Europa


Open: Tue, Wed, Fri,   10.00 -18.00 h
          Thu                 10.00- 21.00 h
          Sat                  10.00 -17.00 h
          Sun                 12.00-17.00  h

Lange Straat 56
7511 Enschede, The Netherlands

Never before Concordia presented an exhibition with only video art. "We believe it is important to show the diversity of visual art. Video artists can put us in a world full of moving images and media violence, still show the beauty of this phenomenon. The aim is to draw attention back to the medium to film not only to use a subject, "says Petra Boonstra, programmer fine arts at Concordia.

My video works Definition II and Knife-Relation are presented in the exhibition

Samstag, 27. August 2016

Project 1612 Film Festival

Project 1612 Film Festival

Saturday, September 3, 2016, Starts 7.00 pm 
(rain date Saturday, October 1st)

Renaissance Park  Community Garden 
622 W  Main Street, 
Peoria, IL 61606

At this open air festival two of my video works will be screened Dark Matter a animation) and Sorrowful Meditations & Restless Worlds with Tsai Hsin-Ying.

Still images from Dark Matter and Sorrowful Meditations & Restless Worlds 

Dienstag, 16. August 2016

Land Art Installation Wahrnehmung for Land Art event bewegter wind

Land Installation Wahrnehmung Location : Hofgeismar, Rochollpark (trainstation), Germany

14.08.2016 – 28.08.2016
Anytime freely accessible

For this event I have created a three-part installation directly on the spot. Regarding used material
I have involved the trees, jute belts, bamboo poles, branches, wind chimes and rope. .
The installation is distributed over a larger area and consists of a main portion and two smaller parts. It is possible to pass through the large part of the installation. The installation is designed in such a way, that even by the slightest wind moving the jute belts, bamboo an wind chimes will move and so change the horizon and perspective. In particular at distance the white bands, appear as a shadow, short spiritual perception, motion effect.

The whole structure is constructed in a minimalist style and is based partly on the concept of Zen philosophy

Montag, 8. August 2016

Bewegter Wind - Moving Wind

Bewegter Wind
Land Art Event
Theme Changing Horizons

14.08.2016 – 28.08.2016
Opening Sunday 14.08.2016 , 11.00  h, Burgberg, Trendeburg - Deisel

Various location / venues: Burgberg in Trendelburg Deisel, am Offenberg and Theodor-Rochollpark in Hofgeismar.
Hofgeismar and Trendelburg are located in the Northern part of Hesse near Kassel, Germany
This Land Art event takes place for the eight time this year. The fixed subject is bewegter wind / moving wind with this years theme changing horizons . Various artist from all over the world create Land Installation in the context of changing horizons.
As well there will be lectures and workshops during the hole event periode

I will create a installation made up from rope, jute, bamboo and branches at the Rondellpark in Hofgeismar