Donnerstag, 20. Juni 2024

"More or Less"

 I am featured with a Q&A text and photography works in the recently published artist book with the title "More or Less?"

"More or Less?" is the sixth iteration of a publication series published and produced by SU4IP. (Sheffield, UK). Featuring the works of twenty-five different artists, all of which could in some way be described as maximalist, large, heavy, dense, or complicated, or alternatively; minimalist, small, light, dispersed, or simple.

"More or Less" is created in the interest of contrasting both, in a way that exemplifies and our creative differences, the potential for communicating ideas, and the extent to which artistic mediums are applied.

Publisher and initiator is Lyndon Watkinson

Under A New Name

 My Etsy online shop with prints and photographs is back sooner than expected. The shop will be reopened under the new name johannesgerardartist. Link below the text. With a better arrangement of works. The prints and photographs are available either as a digital download or as physical items. There are not too many items at the moment, but over the next few weeks the shop will slowly fill up. 

My other Etsy shop which focuses on erotic and nude works will remain unchanged for the moment.

Link to Online Shop:

Dienstag, 18. Juni 2024

The Anthropocene Project II


I am participating in this project with my work “Dream Plant 2”. Curator: Wilfried Agricola De Cologne

´@ CINEMA A5 @ Alphabet Art Centre

15 June - 11 July 2024 screenings

Temporarily closure of my ETSY shop johannesgerard-images

 I have temporarily closed my ETSY shop johannesgerard-images. The shop will reopen under a new name within the next three months. With a new andstreamlined arrangement of the graphic works, photographs and offers

Sonntag, 9. Juni 2024

Festival travels around the world

Mvideo work “TO CONCEIVE AND UNDERSTAND IT ALL” travels around the world from Brazil to Romania

After the opening event of the IV INTERNATIONAL ECOPERFORMANCE FILM FESTIVAL in São Paulo and the follow-up presentations in Australia, USA and Argentina – for the first time in Europe – the 4th edition of the festival will take place in Bucharest


11.06. - 14.06.2024

The National Dance Centre Bucharest,(Centrul Naţional al Dansului Bucureşti),

80-82 Marasesti Blvd,040256 Bucharest, Romania


Cine Satyros Bijou – São Paulo, Brazil - May 30 to June 02

Queensland University of Technology - Brisbane, Australia - May 30 to 31

Brown Arts Institute - Granoff Center for the Creative Arts - Providence, USA - June 4 to 6

Montfleuri sur Mer - Pinamar, Argentina - June 7 to 9

Donnerstag, 6. Juni 2024


My video work Dream Plant 2 is taking part at


June 5-11, 2024

An online broadcast featuring video work and live performances by over 200 artists from 90+ countries.

The theme of Re–Fest 2024 is Re-Source

Re–Fest 2024 is a durational experiment in global participation. CultureHub's annual festival will occur fully online, criss-crossing the globe with a constant stream of short video works interrupted by live segments produced by international partners. The online venue will be open June 5-11 for 24 hours/day.

CultureHub is a global art and technology community founded by La MaMa and the Seoul Institute of the Arts that advances the work of artists experimenting with emerging technologies in search of new artistic forms.

Samstag, 1. Juni 2024

KAFKA MON AMOUR -Heart Attack film festival now in Riga

 My work “You Get...teG uoY” will be screened 3rd of June in Riga. Lativa

KAFKA MON AMOUR -Heart Attack film festival

3rd June 2024 Start 19.30 h


Walters & Grapa

Mira 41

Riga, Latvia

HEART ATTACK FILM FESTIVAL , curated by Josef Ka, presents the best selection of films and filmmakers at the second annual program, featuring a main theme - Kafka Mon Amour