Dienstag, 4. Juli 2023

Internationale Werkstattwoche – International Workshop Week

 And again back to the country side . I am participating at

Internationale Werkstattwoche – International Workshop Week


01.07.2023 – 10.07.2023

Lüben, Lower Saxony. Germany

For ten days, 18 artists from seven nations will stay in the village of Lüben (today part of the town of Wittingen)/ The artists working in the fields of painting, drawing, photography, video and installation.

At the end there will a two-days exhibition of the work created during the symposium. During those ten days several workshops for adults and children will take place Every second year since 1991 the Culture Association Wittingen and the town of Wittingen organize the artist’s symposium “International Workshop” in the idyllic village of Lüben, Lower Saxony, Germany. For every symposium a theme is choosen . This years theme is “Dignity”

I am currently creating two small land art installations for the event. Well, the first one could be said to be more of a public space installation or even a sculpture rather than a land art installation. Both works deal with the topic of dignity in a more metaphorical and symbolic way.

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