Sonntag, 12. Februar 2023

Video performance "Fallen" is travelling

My video performance "Fallen" is travelling with The 3rd edition of the International Festival of Minimal Urban Video Performances "The (Rur)urban body in action" which first took place in October/November 2022 at the culture center Sala Rekalde. in Bilbao, Spain and Centro Cultural Los Ciggaros, Alicante, Spain.. During November 2022 and February 2023 the festival contiuned to be presented at various venues in different countries . Curated by Elia Torrecilla

04/11/2022 Muestra colectiva de arte sonoro Museo de Arte Contemporáneo UNL Santa Fe, Argentina

20/11/2022 Residencia Artística Jardim Aberto/Jardín Abierto. Zona Rural. Porto Alegre (Brazil)

26/11/2022 222Lodge, Dordrecht, The Nederlands.

14/12/2022 Centro Cultural, El sótano analógico Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

05/12-07/12/2022 Centro Cultural Corredor 14, Pelotas/RS, Brasil)

05/12-11/12/2022 Sala de Exposiciones del Ayuntamiento de Montanejos, Montanejos, Spain

18/01-22/01/2023 Facultad de BBAA de Granada, Granada, Spain

The most recent venue is from 07/02- 03/03/2023 2023 at Centro Carmen Jiménez, in conjunction with the exposition “Tocar la Tierra” in Granada, Spain

The festival is made up of 69 videos that record a series of minimal, borderline, dislocated, peripheral and delocalized actions that activate nature in the city and the city in nature. The pieces show urban bodies in rural environments or/and rural bodies in urban spaces carrying out contradictory, uncertain, deviant actions that invite us to analyze the urban environment as a natural environment and vice versa.

Brief description of the video “Fallen” with Chen I-Yin, (Taiwan)

A metaphor of the circle of life and the nature of natural environments within the urban space. For a long time in many urbanization's these habitats were abandoned or destroyed. however, in recent years a rethinking of the value of these natural habitats within urban environments has begun.

Freitag, 3. Februar 2023

Special Mention - Art Vue Foundation ’ s 2022 Yearly Prize

 Art Vue Foundation ’ s 2022 Yearly Prize,

(Art Vue Foundation, Brwinów, Poland)

One of my photos (Just Mia) from the Mia portfolio received a Special Mention

The work is published in the online and printed version of the Art Vue Foundation ’ s 2022 Yearly Prize catalogue/book

Donnerstag, 2. Februar 2023


 My photo, Nagarkot Nepal, 28/11/2021, 5.14am” is on display at


01/02/2023 - 04/03/2023
POP - Post Office Projects

175 St Vincent St, Kaurna Country, Port Adelaide 5015, SA, Australia

Wednesday to Saturday 12:00 - 5:00 PM

Curators Chantelle Mitchell & Jaxon Waterhouse (Ecological Gyre Theory)

This exhibition emerges from our shared research into questions of time, planetarity and connectivity as they relate to the horizon line - that ever-present bisection of space that informs much of our existence. Drawn from Gerald Murnane’s The Plains this exhibition attempts to manifest a particularly terrestrial ‘overview effect’, with attention to that ‘scant layer of haze where land and sky merged in the farthest distance’.

The project, was seeking photographs of the horizon line from anyone, anywhere in the world. The photographic contributions are installed in such a manner to create a continual horizon throughout the exhibition space. The only restrictions are that the photographs must depict the horizon, and information regarding the time, date and location or coordinates of capture.