Freitag, 21. Juli 2023

"HOCHDRUCK NOW 70 Years XYLON" Kunstmuseum Reutlingen

  My lino print 7374 from the portfolio Red Zen is on display at:


Kunstmuseum Reutlingen Spendhaus

23.07.2023 - 22.10.2023

Opening Sunday 23.07.2023 at 11 am.

Opening Times Thu. - Fri. 14-20 h / Wed, Sat, Sun, Holidays 11-18 h.

Spendhausstrasse 4

72764 Reutlingen , Germany

Curator Johannes Krause-Schenk

With works by selected artists, members and founding members of the printmakers association XYLON Germany. XYLON Germany focus on woodcutting and relief printing and is one of the most renowned initiatives that was founded in post-war Germany in the 1950

The associations wants to bundle and network artistic positions that set new impulses in their examination of letterpress, especially woodcuts, and thus expand the medium to include important contemporary aspects. In conjunction of the scientific and curatorial work of the art museum, the oldest printed medium maintained and further developed.

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