Freitag, 27. Dezember 2013

Website with new design and more detailed information

I changed and redesigned my commercial website
Please feel free to take a look at more new images, more detailed information and
new added services. Thank you.

Freitag, 13. Dezember 2013

Object Abuse

27 September - 15 December 2014

144 Liverpool Road, London UK


My visual interpretation of the term Object Abuse

Freitag, 6. Dezember 2013

Matters of Method

Salon Video

International Video Festival 06.12.2013 - 22.12.2013
Iasi, Romania 
Event takes place at different venues in Iasi

My video installation Blanket from 2012 will be presented during the festival. For to watch the video please follow link :

Donnerstag, 21. November 2013

Art for Education

Art auction for Syrian refugees children

Artists donate work for support school education for Syrian refugee children in Turkey.
I donated one of my photo works.

The auction is a project by Jusur-Brücken . eV. and Königin-Luise-Stiftung.
more about the project under

29 of November 2014 : 
16 - 19 h. : First preview at Königin-Luise-Stiftung
30 of November 2014: 
15.00 h.: Public reception and preview
16.30 h.: Start of the auction

Podbielskialle 78
14195 Berlin

Bus101, M83 , U Bahn (Metro) Podbielskiallee

The photowork oeuvre 16005 I donate for the auction

Donnerstag, 14. November 2013

Ex Libris - Ex Erotic

9th International Ex Libris Competition - Ruse - 2013

Ex Libris = Bookmark. Marks the owner of a book

For ninth time the Regional Library L.Karavelov in Ruse, Bulgaria arranged a Ex Libris competition. This years theme was Ex Erotic. Ex Libris who focus on erotic motives. One of the hightlights was the Ex Libris Festival with the topic of erotic art in conjunticion with  Ex Libris. The library also publish a full colored catalogue of selected work from the competition.

Long time ago I created quiet a lot of Ex libris, but now I do Ex Libris only from time to time, using mostly digital graphic techniques. 
My work with the title Apple and decated to Sung Hsiu Chi was selected for the catalogue.

Samstag, 2. November 2013


Mail Art Project 17.11.2013- 12.01.2014 - Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond, Canada


My work 

Donnerstag, 17. Oktober 2013

Two calenders for 2014

For 2014 I created two calenders:

Waldfrau    und    Zwischen den Wolken

Descripition both calenders:

23x21 cm, 14 pages (incl. cover and information page) , text German, 170 g paper, spireal bound

Price ( inkl. postage) EUR 9,95 inside Germany and EUR 12,50 other countries.

Orders/Information :   or

Dienstag, 17. September 2013

Mumbai Taxi

One man show with prints and photos


Galerie 1892


Vernissage : 27 September 16-17.30 h.


27 September - 20 November 2013

Haeslerstrasse 4 , 14050 Berlin, Germany

Open Mo-Fr from 8.00-12.00 h and 13.00-18.00 h

Public Transport U2 Kaiserdamm and S 41,42,46 Westend

The exhibtion focus on prints which where created under the influences of my long stay in Asia.
For example the Linocuts whch where created at my Residency in Vadodara (Gujarat), India.
The Show is completed by a series of small size photos which shows motives and scenries of the locations ( Taiwan, China, Japan, India ) where the prints were created.


Samstag, 24. August 2013

Fließende Welten (Floating Worlds)

Fließende Welten

Photo works by Johannes Gérard

Opening : 28.08.2013 at 20.00 h
Music by Lennard Körber

28.08.2013 - 24.09.2013

Mittelpunktbibliothek Köpenick
Alter Markt 2, 12555 Berlin (Köpenick)
Open Mo/Tu/Th/Fr : 10-20 h, We 13-20 h, Sa 10-14

This one man show focus on my photographic works from the last two years. The work is a selection from different portfolios such as No. 6 - Shadow Woman , No.7 State of Affairs , No 9 Street of Melancholy, No 13 Autum Diaries and No. 15 Floating Worlds


Mittwoch, 7. August 2013

Pandora´s Box - 100 Years Franz Kafkas  > The Judgement <

19.07.2013 - 03.09.2013

Oberwelt, Reinsburgstrasse 93, 70197 Stuttgart, Germany

Art exhibition which is interpretating Franz Kafkas > The judgement < in a wide manner and mediums. The exhibition is organzied by Oberwelt e.V which specially focus and research the work of Franz Kafka.
My photo work for the  > The Judgement <  you can see below. It´s methaphoric interpretation using chairs

Dienstag, 6. August 2013

Medien Festival 11 # - Media Festival 11 #

Media Festival # 11  - Plattform (no budget)
Tübingen, Germany

29.05.2013 - 02.06.13  
The Festival took place in the University City of Tübingen in the Southwest of Germany. At several locations  like the Leibnitzhaus and the Kunstamt a wide international selection of short films, videos and video installations where presented during 4 days. The Festival was organized by plattform (no budget).
My video installation > Blanket <.  had it´s premier at the Festival , because it was shown for the first time to the public


Donnerstag, 27. Juni 2013

Urban Views

Urban Views

Groupshow with other members of photo club Galerie 1892 (Berlin). Each member shows his/her photographic interpretation of city views. The exposition was first shown in Berlin in 2012. Through a exchange with an artist group from Kaprijke, the exposition is now on show in Belgium.

22 June - 7 July 2013
Every Saturday and Sunday from 14 – 18 h

Galerie Stadhuis, Het Plein, Kaprijke, Belgium

Freitag, 21. Juni 2013

Visual Projects - Launch of my second website

Visual Projects

On 21st of June 2013 I launch another website My second website focus more on commercial activities. On this Website I offer various photographic and graphic design services. Like using my photos for interior design projects and in graphic design to create logos and layouts. As well there will be a photo archive avaible.
Beside all that I will offer  advise and assistance in the fields of arts and culture


Sonntag, 19. Mai 2013

Land Art Maastricht

Land Art Maastricht


(The objects itselfs will stay after the Event )

Maastricht, Netherlands
Estate Bethlehem  - ( Park of the Hotel Management School ) in the North East surburbs of the city

The project and symposium takes places for the first time. The core of the project is that Maastricht can expand to the estates North East of the city. The initiative connects Maastricht with the nature around the city. Through the estate Bethlehem runs a route, where works of art are placed to be admired by the visitors. An international symposium is organized for Land-Art artist, to inspire each other and to inspire the visitors. I created between 9th of May and 16tn of May two objects. The first one is Unknown Symbols II , Oeuvre 9021. The object is formed by 20 threes , one fallen threes and a group of wooden trunks. All those objects carry a design made by jute belts in white, yellow and red. None of the design and arrangements are repeating. The keywords are Identity, Individual, Group, Distinguish, Separation, Border and Space.The second Project Ouvre 9022 (The X-Factor) I create in conjunction with the Dutch artist Hans Vernooij. The object is made from a grass circle with arise from a field of cut grass. The object is crossed by two white line  made from jute with yellow and red color spots. Beside one of the lines runs a path of cut grass. The second line was layed in the middle of a path with cut grass.
                                    Photos object Unknown Symbols - Oeuvre 9021
              Photos Object - Oeuvre 9022 (The X-Factor) together with Hans Vernooij


Sonntag, 7. April 2013

und was machen wir morgen

" und was machen wir morgen "  - and what we do tomorrow

 01.06.2013 - 01.08.2013

Galerie am Kocher, Hauptstrasse 87, 74653 Künzelsau, Germany 
Open Wed. 14.00- 17.00 h  Sa,Su 11.00-17.00 h

Theme exposition organized by the art society Hohenloher Kunstverein e.V. in Künzelsau, Germany
The groepsexpostion reflects the  theme " and what we do tomorrow " in a broad context. 

                        Selected work for the exposition oeuvre 09 013 - photo installation

5th Art and Documentation Festival

5th Art and Documentation Festival

25 April 2013 - 17 May 2013

Lodz, Poland

Venue takes place at different galleries, cinemas and institutions inside Lodz

I presented two photo documentations about one installation and one photo projects in Comines, Belgium and Hangzhou, China in 2012


Samstag, 6. April 2013

Mensch & Natur 2012

Photo competition & touring exposition 

Mensch und Natur (Humanity and Nature) 2012

A version of my photo The wall - oeuvre 09 013 was selected for the exposition tour in 2013. The expostion will tour throught Germany, mainly inside the State of Hessen.The competition and tour expostion are orgenized and sponsored by Licher Privatbrauerei in Lich, Germany
The first show took place at the headquarter of Stadtsparkasse in the city of Giessen.
The exposition was running from 13.02.2013 until 04.03.2013 
The next venue takes places at Hessenpark, Neu-Anspach from 10.03.2013 - 26.05.2013

Samstag, 2. Februar 2013

Sarajevo Winter Festival  2013  - Art of Touch

I am a man you don´t want to meet

Museum Brusa bezista, Sarajevo , BH

15.02.2013 - 22.02.2013

During the festival my work I am a man you don´t want to meet will be present at Museum Brusa bezista in the old part of Sarajevo. This time the work will be present as photo installation which includes 12 images. 
I am a man you don´t want to meet  is based and dealing  on someone’s dark sides. That what we sometimes don´t see from outside or wouldn´t expect from a person. A hidden mélange of melancholy, loneliness, broken dreams, inner strife, transit, destruction, violence, death, ignorance, hidden secrets and  what someone likes to be or not likes to be. The work is  not based on a fictional person, but on a real person,  the artist itself.