Samstag, 8. Juli 2023

Final Presentation Symposium Int. Workshop Week Lüben

On the weekend of 8th and 9th of July 2023 the end presentation and exhibition from all artists of the Symposium 16th International Workshop in Lüben takes place. The whole village became an exhibition space. I create two Installations (Land Art) in public space and perform on both days a new performance all related to the Theme Dignity. The installations will stay in the small village park. More about my new  performance piece will follow in another post

Images Installation 1 "9048" or "Courage, Wisdom , Compassion" and Installation 2 "9049" or "Between Sky and Earth" . The concept and idea of both installations are base on Buddhist philosophy and thoughts related to the term of Diginity.

Title “9048” Courage, Wisdom,Compassion

Material: Stone, Bricks,

The basic idea of this work is based on Buddhist philosophy in relation to the concept of dignity. In Buddhism there is a description of the path to dignity and enlightenment. Dignity rests on three steps: Courage, Wisdom and Compassion. Furthermore, the work expresses a closeness to nature

Title 9049 Between Heaven and Earth

Material: stone, branch, red thread, jute ribbon and trees

This work is also based on Buddhist philosophy and thoughts. In contrast to the first installation, this work expresses more of the invisible boundaries between heaven, earth and life. Furthermore, that everything in this world is visibly and invisibly connected. Regarding Dignity - Dignity cannot be touched or visible object Dignity is an expression, an attitude. Something between heaven and earth. All living beings and even objects have dignity. But dignity is a fragile thing. Which can easily be destroyed, by others or by oneself.

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