Donnerstag, 6. Juli 2023

The desire to fly - Workshop for school children

The Wednesday afternoon 5th of July of the Symposium in Lüben was reserved for an art workshop for students between the ages of 11 and 16. 

Two to three students were assigned to each of the artists participating in the symposium. I had been assigned two eleven-year-old students. Who were also the youngest participants. At the beginning I briefly explained what means  installations, land art and performance and showed some examples. But I think it's more important that students or children try things and possibilities themselves. Just experiment with your creativity. I try to avoid creating a school atmosphere, feeding them art-educational nonsense, or pushing them in a direction that I like to see as an artist. I prepared very few things, e.g. plastic foil in different thicknesses and two different types of thin rope. They would look for the rest of the material in the area themselves. During the afternoon, when I worked with the two students, I gave as few instructions and interfered with their actions as little as possible. The result of this afternoon was both creating with the wind and experimenting with materials and elements. They also create a delicate land art art piece with the rope and branches between two large trees. However, they returned to the plastic foil and went to the fields to make the best use of the wind and space. The desire to get off the ground and fly away was the inspiration for their creativity on this particularly afternoon.

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