Samstag, 14. Mai 2022

The Buddhist Art Meditation

Three graphic works of mine are published in The Buddhist Art Meditations (BAM) Journal The Inaugural Issue 2022 Issue One (May 2022) (Singapore)

BAM (Buddhist art meditations) is an journal for exchanging ideas on connections between creative and Buddhist practice. It mainly showcases original, personal, creative interpretations of “Buddhist Art”.

Of all the major world religions, I have dealt with the philosophy of Zen Buddhism the most. Partly this was due to my years of living in the Far East. To this day, this has influenced my artistic visions, partly consciously and partly unconsciously

Mittwoch, 11. Mai 2022

Flower Power

There are new motives available at my Etsy Shop. Different from the work I normally created. But sometimes even in the most uncertain times with a continues flow of crises someone should look at something with reflects happiness and brightness. 

Therefore I created a new photographic portfolio called Flower Power. A selection of Fine Art photos printed on canvas are now available from my online shop.

Link :  

Sonntag, 8. Mai 2022

train journey arrives EXPERIMENTS IN CINEMA v17.2

 train journey arrives at Albuquerque.

My video work “train journey” with Martin Toloko, Marlene G. Prinz, Amudzi Mawuenya and Sammy (camera) will be presented at :


Albuquerque, NM, USA

May 9-23, 2022

Online :

Festival Director: Bryan Konefsky

Experiments in Cinema is an annual, transnational festival celebrating the current trends and history of international cinematic experimentation. Experiments in Cinema is a non-competitive festival produced by Basement Films. This year we are celebrating our 17th anniversary with a host of unique screenings (100 films from 30 countries). The goal of Experiments in Cinema is to bring the international community of moving image artists to New Mexico to then inspire a new generation of movie makers to recognize the value of their media-voices and create films in ways we never imagined possible. This year the festival will also be hosting special performances, lectures, workshops and presentations.

Made possible with the generous support of The National Endowment for the Arts, New Mexico Arts, The New Mexico Humanities Council, The McCune Charitable Foundation, The Albuquerque Film Office, UNM’s Department of Film And Digital Arts, Instituto Cervantes, and the Albuquerque Community Foundation!

train journey

A simple video work about maybe a bit hackneyed message. About a group of people with different culture backgrounds are waiting for the train. The train arrives and they start their journey. However during the journey the train encounters an obstacle.The rail is broken. All the passengers and the machinist leave the train looking at the rail and try to repair it. Finally they succeed in fixing the rail and the train can continue it’s journey. At the beginning they do not know each other, but through a problem they begin all work together, regardless of their culture background, status, colour or gender.

More about the festival :

More about the Work :

Sonntag, 1. Mai 2022

View behind the Curtain

 "View behind the Curtain" a collaboration project with dancer Jana Schmück (Bautzen, Germanywill be present at :

10th Rockville Arts Festival

May 7- 8, 2022

VisArts Center Rockville , Rockville Town Square, Rockville , MA, USA

The work will be shown in the program section Turmoil & Error Peace Letters to Ukraine, CINEMA U8 of the Arts Festival, Cinema U8. Curator Wilfried Agricola de Cologne.

This video program documenting the networked collaboration between artists, curators and institutions is created in solidarity for the Ukraine. The video program is presented in collaboration with VisArts Center Rockville (MA)

“ View behind the Curtain” (The Ashes of Eden Project) is a collaboration project with dancer Jana Schmück (Bautzen, Germany). The project has so far included several video works. The aim of the project is to show a shared cultural experience shaped by the social and political conditions and the environment. “View behind the Curtain” is the 3rd segment of the Ashes of Eden Project

Link to "View behind the Curtain"

Link to CINEMA U8

‘Cinema U 8 – ALPHABET (

Mittwoch, 27. April 2022

SEAF - Seattle Erotic Art Festival / The Pan Eros Film Festival

My work “ Broken Naked Wall” with solo dancer Tsai Hsin-Ying will be presented at

SEAF - Seattle Erotic Art Festival / The Pan Eros Film Festival

April, 29 – May 1, 2022

Venue Information

SIFF Film Center in the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall

301 Mercer Street (at 3rd Ave N.) Seattle, WA 98109, USA

The Pan Eros Film Festival will run concurrently at the SIFF Film Center in the Seattle Center on April 29 – May 1,2022

The work focuses on dance and performance movements using a wall as a stage set. It’s a work based on improvisation of body movements and the surrounding space.

Montag, 18. April 2022

Healing Listening to a Brave New World


Listening to a Brave New World

A selection of 49 sound and audiovisual works presented by MediSouP in Cyprus(concert), Spain and Turkey (audio-visual)

My work “The Healing “ is part of

Video Works screening April 21, 2022

Istanbul Cinema Museum (Atlas) , 14.00-19.00 h TRT, Istanbul , Turkey

Centro Negra, AADK SP Blanca, from 20.00 h CEST onward Murcia, Spain

MediSouP brings together a selection of sound and audio-visual works from the Mediterranean and all over the world , presenting ways in which image and sound formulate the transcultural understanding of our present condition on damaged planet.

Curators : Juliana Espana Keller / Nicos Synnos / Neval Tarim

Healing is not always painless, can be complex and slow. There can also be setbacks. In 2022 we might be in a stage where we long for healing but also have to ask ourselves has the healing process even started or do we subconsciously not want any healing in the end.

The work focus on the individual in a stage of a desired healing process apart from a group or any social environment. it’s not so much a healing of a troubled body, but the healing of a trouble mind and heart in an eventful epoch were the healing process of a mentally troubled society and troubled social environments is yet not visible. Healing starts from some one itself   


Sonntag, 3. April 2022


Two video works from my ongoing A State of Bared project where screened at EROS project at the culture center "Stowarzyszenie WL4 Przestrzeń Sztuki w Budynku Mleczny Piotr “ (Association WL4 Space of Art in the Milk Piotr Building)

EROS Exhibition

22.01.2022 - 27.02.2022

"Stowarzyszenie WL4 - PRZESTRZEŃ SZTUKI",

MLECZNY PIOTR, Stocznia Cesarska, Gdańsk, Poland

The works were “ bared to you and me” with Wiebke Kahn and “Dark” with Tsai Hsin-Ying

The EROS project refers to these spheres of our lives which are often hidden behind a curtain of shame, prohibition, public stigmatizationand taboo. Eroticism, however, is one of the most basic human needs.Carnality and the desire inseparably connected with it, depending on the professed values, can be both a curse and fulfillment. The desire to recognize yourself, to find hidden areas of the body, as well asprocreation, search for your sexual identity or sexuality - notalways unambiguous - in the imposed binary reality of the world, are individual challenges of each person. EROS in culture has many meanings and interpretations. Subsequent epochs, philosophicalattitudes and religions sculpted the image, showing the richness andthe diversity of visions of human physicality and love, sex and the fulfillment of needs. How has the 21st century affected sexuality? Has virtual reality become another form of experiencing and recognizing our physicality? Have the recent years of the sanitarycrisis, when the ordinary human contact has been subjected to restrictions and social bans, simultaneously developed our hidden need for the close physical proximity? Has the development of science and religious totalitarianism's influenced the limits of our knowledge and shame? Observing art, it seems that EROS, also today, has a well-established position. In the EROS project the exhibition of selected works will be representing artistic attitudes of the artists tackling this topic, it will be the act of entering the space of human senses, phantasms and desires

Video work bared to you and me :

Video work DARK :

Donnerstag, 31. März 2022

At TAOS New Mexico

 My video work “ return – back – return “ with Hung Yu-Li will be screened at

Open Screen Spring 2022

Sat April 2, 4pm - 9:30pm 

Taos Center for the Arts 145 Paseo del Pueblo Norte, Taos, NM, USA

Short films, documentary, animation, experimental works by over 50 filmmakers and creatives from Taos and beyond. Open Screen is about sharing projects with each other in a supportive public forum.

Sonntag, 13. März 2022

DIALOGUE a new performance at S o r o - s o r O #1 -

 S o r o - s o r O #1 - a Weekend of Indefinite Performance


Curator Mariko Hori . On 12th of March I performed DIALOGUE my latest solo and live performance. This performance is a hybrid work because it also integrates sound and noise. The performance should actually consist of a live performance with audiovisual elements. But since some of the technical equipment didn't work well, I improvised in the end and only took over the sound element. In hindsight I have to say that it was good not to use the visual elements because I think they would have been more disruptive and distracting to the live performance. The performance was created out of improvisation and spontaneity. I had the theme and the keywords, the sound, but I hadn't done any rehearsal for the live part. It was more of an experiment of creating on the spot. In addition, I had previously avoided focusing on very personal experiences or presenting them in a work. In this performance it was an exception with the voices in my head.

The performance deals with the topic of dialogue in the context of :

 A) A dialogue that leads to no result 

B) A dialogue without content, ramblings without substance 

C) About the voices that I hear in my head

Link to video :

Donnerstag, 10. März 2022

S o r o - s o r O #1

 S o r o - s o r O #1 - a Weekend of Indefinite Performance

Sat. 12- Sun.13. 03. 2022 :: 2 - 8pm


On the 12th and 13th of March in the De Bouwput Amsterdam a weekend of indefinite and experimental performance. I will take part with a new and improvised performance on Saturday 12th March. Curator Mariko Hori

Freitag, 28. Januar 2022

Acoustic Interiors

Between January 17th and 21st, 2022, I took part in the Acoustic Interiors project in The Hague, Netherlands 
The topic and medium of this project is actually an area that I have paid very little attention to and have never worked on as an independent discipline. For me, sound has always been associated with my video work and I have not treated it as an independent medium until now. This was partly due to my irreparable hearing damage. However I am up to try something new and to experiment with the medium sound

The project is based at two locations in the old building Royal Conservatoire and Amare the new culture center of The Hague. I focused on the old Royal Conservatoire building during January 2022 The initiator is NEW EMERGENCES and the curator is the sounds artist Mrs. Anne Wellmer.
In the course of the year the project will be pursued further with events, among project presentations.

About the project 

All other participants on location contribute to the soundscape that this one listener experiences. Anything goes: making sounds with objects in the space or with objects and instruments brought to this sonic intervention, using the voice, texts or words in ANY language. The "performers" play with the acoustics of the space, with the resonances, and with the distance to the listener. They come close and move far away. The listener experiences a sonic massage, and makes a binaural recording at the same time.  Each sound composition created in this way can later be experienced by other listeners through headphones, as if they themselves had been that original first listener.
Each time a new location is being chosen, another participants becomes the listener. Ideally as many recordings are being made as participants are present, this way every participant has the full experience. Each recording lasts for about 10 minutes and is also being documented via video.
database of acoustic memories & presentation
The first phase of the project requires the creation of a database with binaural recordings and the exact GPS locations of where each recording was made. In a next step, the recordings are being made available. They can be listened to as is via an online listening archive, but also used to create installations, performances or (headphone) concerts. The form of the final presentation will be determined by the participants.
A building full of stories : The Royal Conservatoire at Juliana van Stolberglaan 1
For 41 years - from 1980 to 2021 - was a special place, for making music, for developing ideas, and for meeting musicians from all over the world. Anyone who - since 1980 - has had the opportunity to study or work in this building by architect Leon Waterman at Juliana van Stolberglaan, will have memories linked to spaces and places in and around the building. Some corners have their own very characteristic sounds: the sliding doors of the main entrance, the hollow slope down on the way to the studios, the intercom where names are being called when study rooms become available, the candy vending machines, or the sound of slamming doors on the corridors along Prinses Beatrixlaan.


Link sound extracts from my project portfolio

Link Project information in general