Mittwoch, 28. März 2018

Երեւանը մարտ ամսին – Eriwan im März (Yerevan in March)

Երեւանը մարտ ամսին – Eriwan im März (Yerevan in March)
28th of March 2018, at Goethe Zentrum, 
Mher Mkrtchyan 1, 0010 Yerevan 

Photography exhibition runs until 8th of April 2018 

Yesterday evening at 18.30 was the opening of Eriwan im März. (Yerevan in March). The exhibition and presentation was opend by the German Ambassador Mr. Kiesler in Yerevan and the director of the Goethe Zentrum Mrs. Mikeladse-Bachsoliani.
With this project I tried something new out. Until now the performance pieces I did with other artists became everytime part of a performance video.This time I try to present and combine a live performance and a video at the same time.
The topic was a interpretation and reflection of the city of Yerevan. The video was how I see the the city through an eyes of a stranger. The live performance was a interpretation and reflection by five students of the Institute of Theater and Cinematography in Yerevan. How young citizens of Yerevan feel and think about their city. During the rehersals I interfered less as possible and gave the students the freedome to create their own ideas. Because I saw it as a intercultural collaboration project.
Even for most of the audience it was a new concept it is was at the end accepted and admired.
Thank you students of the Institute of Theater and Cinematography in Yerevan. You where a great team and it was a pleasure working with you on that project.

Sonntag, 18. März 2018

Social Sculpture Workshop Unfolding-Unwrappred in the Classroom

Goethe-Zentrum, Yerevan, Armenia

After a talk with the head of the langauge department and two teachers of the Goethe Zentrum in Yervan, I tried something new. The workshop became part of German langauge lessons. I adopted a shorter version in German of Unfolded-Unwrapped for to intregrate into the class room sessions. The experiment was carried out with three different groups of students. However it was not only for to conduct the workshop, but also for to explain more about the concept of Social Sculpture. That the term was first invented by Joseph Beuys and his ideas behind it. After the workshop the students discussed in German how they saw the workshop and concept
Finally for the students it was a complet new and different approached towards their use of langauge abiltities. As well to widen their knowledge about German culture from a different angle.

Donnerstag, 15. März 2018

YEREVAN IN MARCH - Երեւանը մարտ ամսին

YEREVAN IN MARCH - Երեւանը մարտ ամսին

March 2018, Yerevan, Armenia

Since more then two weeks I am working on my interdisciplinary and collaboration project with the focus on the city of Yerevan, Armenia . Slowly the project is getting shape. Most outside video and photography shootings are done and the rehersals for the live performance started.
YEREVAN IN MARCH includes live and video performance / video / photography and poetry. The performance part is created in cooperation with students of the Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinematography. Concept and content refers to the urban and social environment of the city of Yerevan. The city is interpreted and reflected performatively and visually.
In addition to the performance of the live performance, YEREVAN IN MARCH will be accompanied by a photo exhibition and video performances at the Goethe-Zentrum in Yerevan.
The project is made possible by the help of the Art and Cultural Studies Laboratory – ACSL, Yerevan and with kind support of Stroom, The Hague,Netherlands and the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Yerevan