Sonntag, 19. Mai 2013

Land Art Maastricht

Land Art Maastricht


(The objects itselfs will stay after the Event )

Maastricht, Netherlands
Estate Bethlehem  - ( Park of the Hotel Management School ) in the North East surburbs of the city

The project and symposium takes places for the first time. The core of the project is that Maastricht can expand to the estates North East of the city. The initiative connects Maastricht with the nature around the city. Through the estate Bethlehem runs a route, where works of art are placed to be admired by the visitors. An international symposium is organized for Land-Art artist, to inspire each other and to inspire the visitors. I created between 9th of May and 16tn of May two objects. The first one is Unknown Symbols II , Oeuvre 9021. The object is formed by 20 threes , one fallen threes and a group of wooden trunks. All those objects carry a design made by jute belts in white, yellow and red. None of the design and arrangements are repeating. The keywords are Identity, Individual, Group, Distinguish, Separation, Border and Space.The second Project Ouvre 9022 (The X-Factor) I create in conjunction with the Dutch artist Hans Vernooij. The object is made from a grass circle with arise from a field of cut grass. The object is crossed by two white line  made from jute with yellow and red color spots. Beside one of the lines runs a path of cut grass. The second line was layed in the middle of a path with cut grass.
                                    Photos object Unknown Symbols - Oeuvre 9021
              Photos Object - Oeuvre 9022 (The X-Factor) together with Hans Vernooij