Freitag, 30. Juli 2021

Festival für Freunde ( Festival for Friends)


Screening in the Forest

Festival für Freunde ( Festival for Friends)

"Whether analog or digital: the main thing is with friends"

29.07.2021 – 01.08.2021

14806 Dahnsdorf /Planetal, Germany

My video work BROKEN VISION with Kuo Yu-I is present this time in a forest during the whole time of the festival.

This year the festival takes place in a hybrid , physical with public as well online and with live streams

A metaphorical visual poem with no spoken or written words. About the soul and the body in a place that goes beyond time, space and visions, and crosses the boundaries of our everyday social and spatial environments that we have created ourselves.

The ninth edition of the Festival combines visual art, theater, performance and music. It takes place in the country side. Away from the hustle and bustle and over stimulation of the big city, the festival want to bring artists from the region together with internationally known artists. A large courtyard, a disused factory, a dilapidated villa, a small forest ... a place with a lot of performing space, where the artists and spectators can be accommodated together in one place and where there is space for imagination and experiments to try out new forms apart from the usual stage models. Our goal is to network artists and viewers.

Montag, 5. Juli 2021

Lusted Men on Tour


The Project Lusted Men in which I take part is now on exhibition tour

Exhibition tour 2021 :

26th June 2021,

Babes Day· Angers, France

5th to 11th July 2021·

leboudoir2.0, 48 rue Fleury Prudhon, Arles, France

9th to 10th October 2021,

photo festival Image Satellite, Nice, France

15th to 24th of October 2021,

Pianofabriek & La Nombreuse, Rue du Fortstraat 42, 1060 Bruxelles, Belgium

Curators : Flora Bleibt, Lucie Brugier, Salomé Burstein, Laura Lafon et Morgane Tocco

Launched in 2019, Lusted Men is a collective project carried by artists, researchers and activists. Desire is a motor of power and creation that is essential to the construction of a world where gender stereotypes will finally be overturned. Lusted Men encourages a movement to build a visual archive of contemporary intimacy and continues to collect erotic photographs of men*. Because eroticism is intimate, and therefore political

More information about the project:

Freitag, 2. Juli 2021

2 x Premiere or a train journey from Ghana to Georgia


2 x Premiere or a train journey from Ghana to Georgia

VIDEO PEACE TRAFFIC – Festival of Moving Images

03.07.2021 – 11.07.2021

CCA – Center of Contemporary Art, D.Abashidze Street 10, Tbilisi, Georgia

Curators Alexis Soselia / Georgian Video Art Archive

train journey”

With Martin Toloko, Marlene G. Prinz, Amudzi Mawuenya, Johannes C. Gerard / Camera: Sammy

train journey” was created in Kumasi, Ghana, during my stay at pIAR in February 2021

It is the world premiere of “train journey” and another premiere because for the first time that a work of mine will be shown in Georgia.

About the work

A simple video work about maybe a bit hackneyed message. About a group of people with different culture backgrounds are waiting for the train. The train arrives and they start their journey. However during the journey the train encounters an obstacle. The rail is broken. All the passengers and the machinist leave the train looking at the rail and try to repair it. Finally they succeed in fixing the rail and the train can continue it’s journey. At the beginning they do not know each other, but through a problem they begin all work together, regardless of their culture background, status, colour or gender.

With the kind support of :

pIAR , perfocraze international artist residence, Kumasi, Ghana 

Stroom, The Hague, Netherlands.