Sonntag, 16. Januar 2022

International Performance Art Festival of Santa Cruz de la Sierra

The video art version of my performance “I can not see – Stay behind” which I conducted in collaboration with Eric Kofi (Kumasi, Ghana) in Kumasi, Ghana will be screened at

4th. Festival Internacional de Performance Art de Santa Cruz de la Sierra, LATITUDES HYBRIDAS.

International Performance Art Festival of Santa Cruz de la Sierra will take place from January 19 to 23, 2022 in / from the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia.

Under the curatorial direction of well known artist and curator, Hector Canonge, the festival is presented by the platforms Performance Art Bolivia, PABA, and Arterial Performance Lab, APLAB. This year the festival is supported by Centro Boliviano America, CBA, and the collaboration of local volunteers.

In its fourth edition, and under the denomination of LATITUDES HYBRIDAS - due to the present pandemic, the festival includes a program of tele-performances, video performances, an exhibition and a session of public interventions. The program also includes virtual conferences, workshop, and talks that will be streamed from the festival's hub, the Centro Boliviano Americano Santa Cruz.

Link Video :

Sonntag, 9. Januar 2022



12 January – 25 February 2022

Art at the ARB, University of Cambridge,

Alison Richard Building, 7 West Road, Cambridge CB3 9DT, UK

9am – 7pm, Monday – Friday. Closed weekends.

On 12 January 2022 POSTCARDS FROM EUROPE will open at Cambridge University, showcasing several hundred photographic images from across the continent. In a significant time in history this exhibition sets out to share aspects of European culture, spanning all genres of photography, and collating images which include social, political, historical, traditional and observational responses.

These images are presented in the exhibition with motives from St.Petersburg, Russia / The Hague, Netherlands  / Katwijk, Netherlands  

Samstag, 11. Dezember 2021

FIVA SPMAV III International Video Art Festival


My video work “return...back...return” with Hung Yu-Li was presented at


III International Video Art Festival

8 November – 11 November 2021

Corredor 14 & Leopoldo Gotuzzo Art Museum (MALG) , Pelotas, RS, Brazil

8 November – 22 November , 2021Virtual presentation on YouTube channel of FIVA SPMAV

FIVA SPMAV takes place together with the Research Seminar of the Master's Degree in Visual Arts at UFPel,(University Federal de Pelotas) and aims to promote the language of video art in its various possibilities.

The work goes about the return and to be back to a point or situation in our lives. and how it can affect us in our lonely inner strife . Did we come voluntary or we were forced to return .It's all the same or did things changed and nothing is as it was before. Trying to pick up life and restart again. Memories can be come overwhelming. Finally to become isolated in our thoughts and memories. We leaving a situation or place and maybe we never return physical but our thoughts and mental state will return and bring us back.

Freitag, 3. Dezember 2021

About STOP LOOK GO a video and music performance

A selection of pictures from the interdisciplinary project STOP LOOK GO. In collaboration with the flautist Mrs. Yajoo Acharya (Bhaktapur, Nepal). The work combines music, video and performance. The theme of the work relates to the city of Kathmandu and its social and urban environment. The city is reflected and interpreted through metaphorical images, improvised performance and flute music. The live premiere took place on November 21, 2021 at the renowned Mandala Theatre in Kathmandu, Nepal. There will also be an edited art and performance video version.

Subjects related to urban issues in my work have a vision towards identity, relationships (between human and human-environment), transition, crossing borders, inner strife, limits, loss, loneliness, sexual /gender issues, time, destruction, death.

the aim was in isolating these subjects respectively objects, cataloguing them, analyzing them and studying them in detail. Deepening the context in which they find themselves, how they differ from one place to another, neighborhood's or communities. How autonomous are the spaces or objects within the city and how they relate to and connect with each other.

Yajoo Acharya is a young female flute player from Bhaktapur which is 13 km away from Kathmandu . Her instrument is the traditional flute. She studied at the DEPARTMENT OF PERFORMING ARTS AND MUSIC OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALCUTTA, India
She interpreted and accompanied the images and live performance with a very personal and improvised flute play.
The curator was Neda Haffari from Space A Art Trust
STOP LOOK GO was the main part of my multi-part art project of the same title in Kathmandu, Nepal.
Supported by Stroom, The Hague, Netherlands and SPACE A Art Trust, Kathmandu, Nepal

Mittwoch, 24. November 2021

Festival Internacional de Videopoesía

 Festival Internacional de Videopoesía • 25 years

My film “koud slova” with Meer and Kees de Vries will be shown at "25th International Video Poetry Festival Videobardo” in General San Martín Cultural Centre, Sala 1 in Buenos Aires, Argentine from 25 November to 28 November ,2021. from 17.00 – 2300 hours

Another screening will be be held online from 29 November to 3 December,2021.


curators Javier Robledo y Marisol Bellusci

"koud slova"With Meer and Kees de Vries. The video hints on the idea that the conversation in the video is untranslatable, and that it doesn’t matter if you can only understand half of it, or none. It’s about the interaction  itself. Words / Slova - don’t matter as much. That’s why you don’t even have to understand the word Word (Slova) itself. and that the meaning arises not as much from words themselves, as from some sort of “being “ and interacting with one another, penetrating each other with waves of sounds and actions and mentally swapping our bodies in order to understand each other...

VideoBardo is one of the most important archives in this genre internationally. based in Buenos Aires.
VideoBardo is an independent poetry and art collective. Its objective is the dissemination, research and theoretical debate on the language of Videopoesia. It organizes the International Video Poetry Festival VideoBardo and has performed in important museums and cultural centers both on the cultural circuit and independently in Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Mexico, USA, Canada, Spain, France, Germany and India, establishing exchanges with other festivals.

Montag, 22. November 2021

Art talk at Nepal Art Council


Today the fourth and last part of my STOP LOOK GO project in Kathmandu took place.
A presentation and artist talk for the final year students of the School of Arts/Department of Art and Design of Kathmandu University at Nepal Art Council

Donnerstag, 18. November 2021

STOP LOOK GO - announcement live event

 STOP LOOK GO was created in cooperation with interdisciplinary artist Johannes Christopher Gerard (Netherlands/Germany) and the local female flute player Yajoo Acharya (Nepal)

The project and the live presentation combine video, music and performance. STOP LOOK GO is a metaphorical interpretation of the city of Kathmandu and the daily life of its residents. The video and musical performance are divided into six chapters. 
The Sky The Valley / Windows and Streets / Sunset Sunrise / Transitions / Celebrations / Palaces Squares Gardens. 
Implemented artistically, visually and musically.

The premier will take place on Sunday November 21st at the Mandala Theater in Kathmandu
curator Neda Haffari (SPACE A Trust, Kathmandu)
Supported by Stroom, The Hague, Netherlands