Mittwoch, 26. Juli 2017

Unfolding - Unwrapped

Workshop / participatory performance Unfolding – Unwrapped (Social Sculpture)
(in conjunction with WTAR Water Tower Art Festival & Residency)

21st July 2017

State Culture Institute „ISKUR“
Dzurba, Sofia, Bulgaria

On 21st of July 2017 I conducted the Social Sculpture workshop / participatory performance Unfolded – Unwrapped at the State Culture Center „ISKUR“. Even the workshop / performance was ajusted and alternated to the side spefic needs of the location the concept and principe were the same as by the previous workshop / performance  I gave in March 2017 at the Museum of Non-Conformist Art in St. Petersburg, Russia
- body awareness
- spatial awareness
- creative awareness
- collaboration

Dienstag, 25. Juli 2017

CASUS VECTOR - artzond festival 2017


Video, Photo Installation, Performances

14 July - 16 July 2017
Gallery 14/45", 
6th line, 39,  Vasilievski Island, St.Petersburg, Russia

The Festival gave an opportunity to present trends in the development of contemporary art - concepts that generate new approaches and ideas. At the current moment, the speed of changing "scenery" is hardly perceptible ... nevertheless, for the analysis and systematization of such forums are needed. Where the authors offer their ideas, their vision of the world, and where, the conceptual interpretation of reality does not always have an unambiguous artistic value. The era of democratic expansion is open to Creativity in all manifestations, and everyone can become a creator.

My video work Neither Here - Nor There, 2017 and Anticipating You, 2017 where presented at the festival.Both videos are related to St.Petersburg. For Anticpating You is was the premiere. 

Links to video :
Neither Here - Nor There
Anticipating You

Sonntag, 9. Juli 2017

Night, Street, Lantern, Pharmcy - Ночь, улица, фонарь, аптека,

This video is the second part of my project Anticipating You. It is a visual interpretation of the poem Night, Street, Lantern, Pharmacy (1912) by Aleksandr Blok (1880-1921, St. Petersburg). The concept is the same as the first part of Anticipating You (see video Anticipating You) project. Only the visual reproduction is quite different. There are two films at the same time in one video. Although the poem is very short, a translation from Russian into other languages is not easy, since Bloks choice of words, allows a great variation of translation possibilities.

Night, street, lantern, pharmacy,
a meaningless and dull light
Even if you live another quarter of a century
All will remain the same. There is no exit.
You´ll die - then you´ll begin all over again
Night, the canal´s rippled icy surface

pharmacy, street, lantern  

Link to video: