Donnerstag, 8. Juni 2023

Live Performance "Stones" at Pedvale

 Live Performance "Stones" at Pedvale , Pedvale Art Park, 26 May 2023

The live performance "Stones" has a site-specific focus, but at the same time also contains autobiographical elements. Therefore, the performance presented and allowed more than just one interpretation.

During the performance, the land art object experienced a temporary metamorphosis as it became an integral part of the live performance.

Basically, I don't explain the concept or the theme to the audience before the performance. One of the reasons for doing this is to avoid having the audience already developes a view or fixed idea about the performance subjects before implementation

Only after the performance do I encourage discussion or conversation with the audience. During the performance I created sound elements, but otherwise the performance was silent. The role of the red flag had a signaling function. For to rise attention, marking a point, a beginning, and an end. A change in thoughts or direction in life or in the mental, cultural and social environment. In the site-specific context, a red flag in Latvian society is still often associated with the time when Latvia was part of the Soviet Union. As the flag falls and remains behind, it is a sign of the fall of the Soviet Union and the path to Latvia's independence. Diving the stones into the water a symbol of washing off of old layers, to re install purity.

The contrast of the dandelions between the floating stones is a sign of fragility, impermanence and levitation.

In this performance, I consciously turned away from the audience in my actions, in the truest sense of the word. An autobiographical element of my increasing disconnection from the world and social environment around me. Finally approaching at the beginning and walking away during the performance at the end. Someone could see it... the search for solitude and the feeling of never feeling tied to one place or call anything home or on the other hand everything is in flux, nothing is stable in this world.

Camera & Photos : Francesca Carvallo Pirola

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