Samstag, 3. Juni 2023

Finish line at Pedvale - The red flag đŸš©

 The red flag đŸš©indicates my projects have reached the finish line at Pedvale Art Park near Sabile in Latvia and the point of the presentation.

The overall project is simply named "Pevale" after the location of Pedvale.

Within a month I created a land art installation called "9047" or ("A place between mountains") and gave a live performance called "Stones" with the integration of the land art installation. In addition, a video work entitled "Structure & Pattern" was created. I also experimented with the sound, still lifes and video performances. Finally, I conducted a workshop on the subject of "social sculpture".

However, this interdisciplinary project differs from all larger projects that have emerged in recent years. It is still an interdisciplinary project consisting of several elements. But it was individual, there was no collaboration with other artists, art students or a community. Aside from some technical assistance from sculptor Ojars Arvids Feldbergs and the implementation of the 'Social Sculpture' workshop, this was deliberately not a collaborative project - it falls under the 'Lone Wolf' category. At the same time, however, it is very site-specific and contains some autobiographical elements

Even if the project and the concepts were based on an individual and sole personal work-related basis, there was still an interactive exchange between me, my work and the participants of the workshop and the audience.

It was the idea of working differently and approaching issues and problems in a slightly different way than in my previous interdisciplinary projects, which almost always involved collaboration.

As I mentioned, at the end the works are ending up being metaphorical but very site-specific, while also containing strong autobiographical elements. More than I imagined, although at the start of the project I struggled with inner turmoil, mental turmoil and exertion.

More detailed information will follow

funded by the European Union and implemented by the Goethe-Institut as part of the CULTURE MOVES EUROPE funding program

First photo - after the performance

Images project

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