Montag, 5. Juni 2023

About "9047" or a "Place Between The Mountains" at Pedvale

 Some images from the land art installation "9047" or "A Place Between The Mountains" in Pedvale. Compared to most of my other land art objects, this work is designed for a more permanent placement. Of course nature takes its toll over time and the installation will become more and more part of the natural landscape.

"9047" or "A place Between The Mountains" is site-specific and refers to the nearby village of Sabile, nestled among high hills. On the other hand, the object reflects some autobiographical elements related to cities where I have lived and worked, located between or surrounded by mountains. Like Taipei, Kathmandu or Mexcio DF, among others. At the same time it is a kind of tomb for my illusions, hopes and visions. Also, the strange thing is that the installation made me feel connected to the ground and the earth. - Me of all people.. who never feels attached to a place or can call home.

At first I thought about covering the two metal cones with stones or earth, but from a distance I saw the play of reflections and shadows on the metal surface. As a result, the object is clearly visible from a distance. The two stones on the cones can be interpreted as clouds or as smoke from volcanoes. One of the concepts was that I only use material that could be found on the Pedvale site or the sculptor's workshop of Ojars Feldbergs. Who also gave some technical support during the creation of the installation. The object thereby became a contrast between natural objects and objects processed by human hands. In the end, the installation became an important part of my live performance "Stones". The work is now part of the collection of PedvaleArt Park 

The images show the difference stages of the creation until the final stage

Temporary metamorphosis after Live Performance "Stones"

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