Sonntag, 11. Juni 2023

About the creation of "structures & patterns " at Pedvale

 About the creation of the  "structures & patterns " film at Pedvale

The third part of the project was the creation of a video work near the end of the project period, which does not fall into the category of video performance. In the end, this work was created and edited more through improvisation, trial and error. .Edit the cut.. The basis for the video work was the image material and the motifs that were shot during the stay without a detailed or fixed plan. The question also arose as to what exactly the video work should focus on. In the beginning there was only a vague idea of a site-specific video. After several attempts, the decision was finally made to focus on the objects and natural features of the Pedvale site in a very detailed approach. The selected objects and motifs represent a contrast between nature and man-made objects, fauna and flora within the pedvale park and manor. 

Link to the work

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