Montag, 13. November 2023

Vozes do Oceano / - Voices From the Ocean

 Vozes do Oceano / - Voices From the Ocean

Uma Exposição Visual Coletiva / - A Visual Collective exhibition


18 November 2023 Opening 17.00 h

18 November – 20 December 2023

Rua da Estação, 3865-012 Canelas, Estarreja, Portugal

The exhibition features visual narratives that represent our relationship with the sea and the need to preserve and care for the environment in which we live. The exhibition aims to convey the idea that we are an integral part of nature and that our fate is inextricably linked to its balance. Visual representations capable of evoking a deep dialogue with nature and evoking a feeling of admiration, respect and care for the sea and the environment in general. May it make us reflect on our interdependence with nature and inspire concrete action to preserve and sustain our planet, our common home.

Flowing and Moving” 

The waves representing the restlessness of the mighty ocean. The ever-changing, living energy of the sea and nature. One of the natural elements that shape the cycle of life and travel. But then waves can be rough, uncontrollable, stormy and devastatingly threatening, reflecting an unreachable horizon in the distance. A symbol that represents overcoming obstacles but at the same time shows our vulnerability and limitations within nature

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