Freitag, 3. November 2023

Shhhhh #1 and Shhhhh #2

stairs & corridors” a collaboration work with dancer Jana Schmück (Bautzen, Germany) is presented in a two-day screening event in Berlin at

Shhhhh #1 and Shhhhh #2

Sankt Studio

Saturday 04.11.2023,18.00 h with an intro presentation held by the curator Martha Zoupa (Video Art Miden)

Sunday 05.11.2023 the vidoes will be shown in a loop from 15.00 h until 19.00h

Mittenwalderstrasse 15, 10961 Berlin, Germany

Video Art Zero will present 2 modules edited and a special presentation/speech by
curator Martha Zoupa, The selection presents video works from 26 artists from all over the world. The works focusing on thematic questions such as How do we conceive silence? As an introspection? As a withdrawal? As a way to connect with the others? Silence as a protest,as a punishment,as a sign of respect, silence in the noise...

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