Freitag, 10. November 2023

A Profound Talk About Feminist Art

In conjunction of my project here in Quito I had an interesting talk with the curator and interdisciplinary artist, independent researcher and cultural manager Tania Lombeida Mino at the Museo de Ciudad of Quito She is also one of founders and directors of the cultural organization Artes Mujeres Ecuador. Her organisation is currently presenting an temporaly exhibition of the their project “Aun cuando todo esta nublado - Even when everything is cloudy” at the Museo de Ciudad

The project focus about the Chocó area of Ecuador , with the aims to collectivize artistic processes based on the relationship with diversities, respect for biodiversity and cultural awareness, in order to build new imaginaries of life and narratives with practices of creation-action in the face of territories harassed by extractivism. With one exception only women from different culture and science fields where involved in this project.

We talked about the idea and execution about the project. Furthermore about the meaning and implementation of Feminist art and women in the arts in general Not many times you have the chance for a profound talk about certain topics. This was one of the rare chances.

Photos: Ruben Diaz

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