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My video performance the HEALING presented at


17 October – 22 October 2022, 25000 Saltillo, Mexico

Different venues and times within the city

is a relational art project coordinated and curated by multidisciplinary visual artist Mercedes Aqui. The aim is to promote contemporary artistic practices, which are intertwined, in this case, through performance. With the participation of different institutions of government, educational, entrepreneurs, cultural spaces and society. The proposal includes workshops, projections of video performances by international artists, art-action presentation at cultural venues and public spaces, within the city of Saltillo. Among others in the Desert Museum, Vanguardia Newspaper, Casa La Besana Cultural Center, Tavern El Pig babel, Crown Residences, Ruben Herrera Museum, The Creative Station Node, University Carolina, RCG Mega Screen, Mega Screen of Saraperos Stadium.

Furthermore there will be transmission of performances that will be performed simultaneously inside and outside Mexico, interviews, as well as the making of a piece designed to be broadcasted on live television.

Description Work

Healing is not always painless, can be complex and slow. There can also be setbacks. In 2022 we might be in a stage where we long for healing but also have to ask ourselves has the healing process even started or do we subconsciously not want any healing in the end.

The work focus on the individual in a stage of a desired healing process apart from a group or any social environment. it’s not so much a healing of a troubled body, but the healing of a trouble mind and heart in an eventful epoch were the healing process of a mentally troubled society and troubled social environments is yet not visible. Healing starts from some one itself

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