Dienstag, 11. Oktober 2022

A premier on radio " Voices in my Head "

 A premier on  the radio

Voices in my Head will be aired at EYES HAVE EARS program Episode 1: HAUNTING ME, HAUNTING YOU: ghostly, resonant, creepy, and echoing

12th of October 2022 at 8-9 pm MTD local time, (GMT-6)

CJSW Radio broadcasts out of Calgary (Moh’kins’tsis), AB, Canada from the University of Calgary campus radio station.

Hosted & Edited by Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett

About the piece

The work focuses on an unseen but real autobiografical situation. The theme and sounds are based and relate to the voices and sounds I've been hearing in my head almost constantly for many years. Caused by medical and mental issues. It's a simple attempt of a field trip into my head and to approach sound and noise from another level and place.

Evolving out of The Hibernation Project Ears have Eyes is an auditory exhibition space for sound art on the radio. Every month, artists and musicians respond to a theme, making new compositions or sharing existing works. Ears Have Eyes asks: what can the invisibility of sound illuminate? How does the intimacy of listening open our eyes to ideas we might otherwise overlook? What can sonorous spaces hold that physical spaces cannot? How do we look with our ears, and listen with our eyes?

Offering a spaces to exhibit sound-specific contemporary art, local, national, and international artists are invited to share their creations.

A podcast and link will be place after 12th of October 2022 on this blog 

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