Samstag, 5. November 2022

The Violence Project 2022

 One video work “sky above-sky within” and one sound piece “ominous” of mine are select for of the project

The Violence Project 2022 @ The New Museum of Networked Art 

curated, organized,coordinated by Agricola de Cologne, media artist and curator from Cologne/Germany.

The project is divided in several sections for video works and sound pieces

The Violence Code / Violence Radio / Violence TV / P/L –>Ukraine

"sky above-sky within" was selected for one of video segments Violence TV

the sound piece “ominous” for The Sound of Violence / Violence Radio segment

About the project

Initiated on occasion of the Russian annihilation war against Ukraine on 1 March 2022, is a New Media art context reflecting the diverse facets of the phenomenon of “Violence” By inviting, the project includes a variety of international artists coming from different cultural, ethnical, religious, social backgrounds working in different digital media disciplines to participate by contributing

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