Samstag, 11. November 2017

Opening of the final exhibition of the Indo-German Art Forum

Opening of the final exhibition of the Indo-German Art Forum at Arts Acre
11th of November 2017. with Dr. Michael Feiner, Consul General of Germany in Kolkata

At the end I show my installation 9038 Cobwebs Garden with I created specially for the forum and exhibtion. Furthermore a series of documentary photos about the workshop/performance Unfolding-Unwrapped.
Finally a selection of video works Night, Street, Lantern, Pharmacy , Knife-Relation ! and Sorrow. As well sequences from Unfolding-Unwrapped in St. Petersburg and video presenttion of my installation 9038.

However I was the only installation, performance and video artist under a hole bunch of some good painters and sculptors, therefor I was a bit a outsider. Video art, installations and performance have a relativly shadow existence in India and education in art schools and art academies in India still focus very strongly on painting, sculpting and printmaking. Even in art circles yet a lot of people are not standing very open against the so called new media disciplines. My final conclusion in general about the forum is the exchange between Indian and German artist could have been deeper and should have given more and better time arrgenments. However the goal to show different art disciplines and concepts I reached. Even though I would have wished some deeper and also critical dialogue about my art, such as in Russia, Taiwan, Bulgaria or Pakistan.

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