Dienstag, 7. November 2017

Indo-German Art Festival & Forum Part 2

Indo-German Art Festival & Forum Part 2
Arts Acre, Kolkata, India 05.11.17 - 12.11.17

Yesterday and today I extended my installation further. You can see the installation as unit, but it´s also possible to see as two different objects. It depends from which angle you look at it. The design of the additional installation is more flat and instead of blue jute belts I just red textile belts. The garden path seprate the installations, but on the other side it gives the feeling you walk into the installations. However when I took a look at the installations in the early morning, I came to the conclusion there are finalzied

Furthermore there was an artist talk, where specially the artists from the Germanside talked about there work and artist career.
Beside my talk I gave a theoretical explanation about the social sculpture workshops/performances Here & Now (for children, elementry school) and Unfolding-Unwrapped (for general audience)

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