Mittwoch, 15. Mai 2024

VISION DANCEABLE #2 - Dresden, Germany

 ”View behind the curtain _part 4“ a collaboration work between Jana Schmück / Johannes C. Gerard will be presented at 


Meet the Contemporary dance scene!

16. & 17. ΜΑΙ 2024 20h

At Societaetstheater Dresden

An der Dreikönigskirche 1a, 01097 Dresden, Germany

A project of Societaetstheater Dresden, ABOUT BLANK Collectives and 4roomsCompany!

Both videos are part of „Ashes of Eden“ project created by dancer Jana Schmück and visual artist Johannes C. Gerard . By using dance and movement elements it becomes a metaphorical reflection about the Oberlausitz Region a so called outback region in the East of Germany. About the dramatically changes the region underwent since the Unification focusing on human feelings and experiences about changes, dreams, , staying, leaving and connectedness . A shared cultural experience shaped by the social and political conditions and the environment.

Vision Dancaable is kindly supported by the Office for Culture and Monument Preservation of the state capital Dresden. With kind support from Tanz•Netz•Dresden and TENZA.

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