Freitag, 9. September 2022

IMAF 2022 “ improvised"

 IMAF 2022 International Multi Art Festival 09.09-11.09.2022 Odzaci and Novi Sad, Serbia.

On 9 September I performed an “ improvised performance” during the first day of the live performance part of the IMAF 2022 at the old abandoned motel in Odzaci, Serbia.

I had planned first to perform my performance Dialogue which is based on a totally different concept. However when I saw the building for the first time in the morning I changed completly my idea and concept for my performance in the afternoon. One reason was the opportunities the building offers. The second reason was that the performance I had planned would be very difficult to present in this building.

I decided to go into a dialogue with the building were creating sound and noise would play a very important role. As well the performance didn't had a fix stage but was moving up and down with in the building. As props I only used small two twigs, pine cones and objects found inside the building.

Video images : Werther Germondari

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