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IMAF 2022 Festival Video Works:

 IMAF 2022 Festival Video Works:

September 3rd and 8th, 2022.

At the beginning of this year, when we launched an open competition for the online program, the pandemic is expected to subside, which awakens new optimism. However, at the same time, a crisis in international political relations, on the soil of Eastern Europe, is becoming current. There is an aggression of the Russian military forces on Ukraine and, unfortunately, war. In such a very complicated international situation, the topic of an open competition for online video works comes to mind. We give the name "No Pandemic - No War" which is a reflection of our wish that by the beginning of the 24th International Festival of Multimedia Arts - IMAF 2022, both of these crisis events, which are very difficult for humanity, will end. 30 video works, 37 artists from 18 countries around the world, were selected at the competition for the online presentation of video works, entitled "No Pandemic - No War". The online presentation of video works, on the official YouTube channel of the IMAF festival, will be realized between September 3rd and 8th, 2022.


About my video in times of...

There are different ways of waiting. It feels different to wait for better times, in order to get a perspective yourself, in comparison to waiting for a solution to find justice or peace, yet to arrive. Sometimes waiting does not seem to have an ending and feels like a burden and other times, we sink into our own thoughts, until we forget that we are waiting at all. Aren't we always waiting for something? Waiting for better times, for peace or for tomorrow? And every time it feels different: Are we waiting for something else or are we waiting in our thoughts somewhere else?

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