Donnerstag, 21. Oktober 2021

Video Club Bomba

Video Club Bomba
22nd of October 2021
Video Club Bomba - At the Culture Center Fabrika, Perevedenovsky Lane 18, 105082 Moscow, Russia

My work "But When Ever I Try..." will be screened at Video Club Bomba.On a regulary basis there is a screening of selected international and Russian video works. The Video Club is located in ex Soviet bomb shelter inside the interdisciplinary culture centre Fabrika
Curator Diana Galimzyanova

About "When Ever I Try... :
The work is related to social and urban environments, within the context of the subjects of isolation and faraway horizons. About a persons desperation and desire to leave and to change life conditions. But nevertheless when she or he tries every time obstacles will arise. Many people try every day again and again for to leave, to seek a change. But they end up in vain and disappointment

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