Freitag, 27. August 2021

“Voci di Notte” 3rd place for Cocoon in Space

Voci di Notte”
28th of August 2021
Echorama Association
Via Principe 5
15020 Villamiroglio (AL) , Italy

Including live broadcast on Saturday 28 August 2021 from 9.00 pm on Facebook and YouTube channels.

My video “Cocoon in space - Bozzolo nello spazio” was awarded the 3rd place ex-aequo in the 1st Video Contest “Voci di Notte - SPACE”. 

The 1st Video Contest Voci di Notte " on the theme " SPACE " was promoted with the aim of promoting digital culture and enhancing talent and creativity through storytelling in images.
As for the other initiatives, the theme was inspired by the theme of physical, natural, but also metaphysical and symbolic space. Leading to reflect on our relationship with space, both with tangible and real ones, and with philosophical or figurative ones.

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