Samstag, 26. August 2017

Biennal Land Art Diessen 2017

The theme is "Breuklijn Verbindt" (Connecting Breakline)

31 August to 10 September 2017
Opening 30 August 5 pm Molenstraat 17A, 5087 BM Diessen (Brabant, The Netherlands)
Land Art exhibition to be reached via Turkaaweg in Diessen (free access)
4 km long hiking trail

LandArt Diessen is a biennial Land Art exhibition in the country of Hilver,in Brabant, Netherlands. The area around the river Reusel and the Turkaa forest are again the scene for this exhibition, every time with a different theme. The works are mainly made from biological material.

The Other Side (De Andere Kant)
A transition, a door, to create a connection. At the same time to recognize borders but also to cross borders. The connection and the boundary are not generally visible because, for example, they are interrupted by the stream. But there is also a contrast of silence, bound, but on the other hand there is the movement of the water and the rhythm of the installation. , The stream, the trees, the shore become a part of the installation.

I chose the following materials: colored jute, because color plays an important role in all my installations. Bamboo is another material I've used. With the relatively straight grown bamboo I wanted to create a contrast

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