Samstag, 2. Februar 2013

Sarajevo Winter Festival  2013  - Art of Touch

I am a man you don´t want to meet

Museum Brusa bezista, Sarajevo , BH

15.02.2013 - 22.02.2013

During the festival my work I am a man you don´t want to meet will be present at Museum Brusa bezista in the old part of Sarajevo. This time the work will be present as photo installation which includes 12 images. 
I am a man you don´t want to meet  is based and dealing  on someone’s dark sides. That what we sometimes don´t see from outside or wouldn´t expect from a person. A hidden mélange of melancholy, loneliness, broken dreams, inner strife, transit, destruction, violence, death, ignorance, hidden secrets and  what someone likes to be or not likes to be. The work is  not based on a fictional person, but on a real person,  the artist itself.

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