Freitag, 16. November 2012

InShadow 2012

4th International Festival Video, Performance and Technology 

02.12 - 09.12.2012

Lisbon, Portugal 

InShadow has it´s 4th edition this year. It´s a international festival focusing on video, performance and the use of new technologies in the arts. The venues are taking place in different locations like in theaters, galleries and public institutions all over Lisbon.

Two short video productions which I created specially for the festival will be shown at :

Gallery Graca Brandao, Rua Dos Caetanos 26 A, (Barrio Alto), 1200-079 Lisboa  

It´s for the first time that I produce works for video / multiscreen productions.

The titles are : State of Affairs   and  I am a man you don´t want to meet . Both productions are based on my photographic portfolios with the same titles.

                                                           Short version State of Affairs

                                            Short version I am a man you don´t want to meet

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