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CROSSING BORDERS Exhibition project in the Spitalseebunker

 My video work “Dark Paths” is part of the

CROSSING BORDERS Exhibition project in the Spitalseebunker June 28th - July 21st, 2024 

Conflicts, crises, divisions, polarizations in politics and society: times are more turbulent than they have been for many years. KulturPackt is taking up the situation and is carrying out a large exhibition project under the title "Crossing Borders". The basis is that in all cases of unrest, borders are crossed, both in the specific case of the violation of national borders and in the case of violations of the dignity of the individual. The exhibition is intended to refer to both the global conflict situation and the internal social divisions in relation to migration, social injustice, racism and the drifting apart of the political camps. 127 artists from all over Germany and neighboring countries from France to Ukraine applied for this project, of which a jury selected twenty-one. 21 very different thematic approaches from flight and warlike conflicts to symbolic, mythological or historical issues and even personal biographical references. The exhibition venue is the Spitalseebunker in Schweinfurt's city center. 

From June 29th to July 21st, 2024, the KulturPackt will be showing the works and concepts of the selected artists at this fateful location for the city. The range of the exhibition is enormously diverse; it shows large-scale installations, classical paintings, video works, sculptures, screen prints and object art. Admission is free! The opening of the exhibition will take place on Friday, June 28th at 7 p.m. 

During the exhibition there will be a supporting program with a reading by Anne Rabe (July 4th), a short film evening (July 12th), an art event in the city center (July 18th/19th) and a concert with the Anton Mangold Quartet (July 20th). Details can be found in the folder. The folder on "Crossing Borders" The project is supported by the city of Schweinfurt, the Schweinfurt Cultural Foundation and Riedel Bau.

About Dark Paths -Performance by Tsai Hsin Ying >: shadows, times, sides, secrets, hearts, minds, internal struggles, nights, ghosts, past, present, future. A body of the same person in two different states. Metaphorically reflecting shadows, secrets, internal struggles, the ghosts of the past, present and future. The issues and questions that haunt us and follow us. We can't see them but they exist. Covered and hidden within our bodies and thoughts.

Spitalseebunker A13

29.06.2024 – 21.07.2024 / Opening Friday 28.06.2024 at 19.00 h

Thu – Fri 13-18 h Sat-Sun 11-18 h

Spitalseeplatz, Schweinfurt, Germany

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