Freitag, 2. Februar 2024

A Touch Of Eros at Larissa Timeless Museum


Last days for to see my video work “A Touch Of Eros” at Larissa Timeless Museum, Larissa Greece. 

Until Sunday, February 4, the "Timeless readings of love" at the Larissa Timeless Museum.

The exhibition "Timeless readings of love", inside the permanent exhibition at the Larissa Timeless Museum, reaches the end of its presentation on Sunday, February 4.

Until Sunday, selected finds related to love are presented for the first time, highlighted through an interactive (marked) connection, related pieces of his permanent collection. At the same time, works by the contemporary Larissa artists Theodore Rantos and Konstantinos Papargyris and the Dutch/German artist Johannes Christopher Gérard are presented.

The exhibition-media at the exhibition "Timeless Readings of Love" was created by the OPEN NIGHTS festival for its 8th LOVE-themed event, in May 2023 in cooperation with the Museum, aiming to connect cultural fields, arts and sciences as well as the past with modern reality.

It was a production of OFF ART dancetheater- για το Χορό, το Θέατρο και τις Τέχνες and the Αντιδημαρχία Πολιτισμού Δήμου Λαρισαίων team, with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports and the Region of Thessaly.

Concept - Implementation - Artistic direction: OFF ART-Roula Karaferi.

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