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Forum Alte Post - Hochdruck NOW - 70 years of XYLON

 My lino print 7374 from the portfolio Red Zen moved further on in Germany.

"„Hochdruck NOW – 70 Jahre XYLON / Hochdruck NOW - 70 years of XYLON"

12 November, 2023 to 21 January , 2024


Poststraße 2 , Pirmasens, Germany

Opening hours : Wed – Sun : 10-17 h

In collaboration with the Reutlingen Art Museum in 2023 (where the exhibition was shown in 2023), the renowned association of woodcutters XYLON Germany will celebrate its 70th birthday - and let the interested art audience join in the celebration: In "Hochdruck NOW - 70 Years of XYLON" the present and history of XYLON come together in the works of 81 national and international artists were born between the 1930s and 1990s. The work reflect an impressively wide range of expressions with classic, often colorful linocuts and woodcuts on unusual papers. There are also various wood prints as well as works that were created using individual and experimental letterpress printing processes. For “Hochdruck NOW – 70 Years of XYLON”,

About the print 7374

The work 7373 belongs to the Red Zen portfolio. The print portfolios Black Zen Matter and Red Zen represented a change. The color palette is reduced to the minimum, as are the style elements. The last recognizable figurative elements are replaced by a formal language.The works show elements of minimal and conceptual art. At the same time, the influences of Zen and Buddhist philosophy have become increasingly apparent again since my time in the Far East

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