Freitag, 6. Oktober 2023

VILOMAH at the Royal Free Hospital


October 9th-15th , 2023,

Royal Free Hospital

Pond St, London NW3 2QG, United Kingdom

The VILOMAH exhibition in which I already once took part in with my photo work "Today It Will Be 32" and sound piece "the HEALING" from April this year is being followed. This time the exhibition can be viewed at a location that is related to the theme of the exhibition in the Royal Free Hospital , Hampstead , London. The exhibition is public but this time it is aimed specifically at the hospital's employees and other external staff. Exhibition location is in the Chapel space, Lower Ground Floor of the hospital

Vilomah’ [vee-lo-mah] is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘against the natural order’. It is used to describe a parent who has lost a child; for which there is no word in the English language. Curator Alice Mary Williamson

The exhibition encompasses all forms of pregnancy/baby loss – infant loss, neonatal loss, stillbirth, termination for medical reasons, abortion, ectopic pregnancy, medical & age-related infertility.

As well as a creative & expressive outlet for a difficult subject, this exhibition aims to bring awareness and shed light on the reality of how these losses are experienced across society, culture & history.

Artists are from across the world, offering works from a variety of disciplines, including painting, photography, digital art, textile, prose, poetry, video/film, multi-sensory media.


Private View Mon, 6-8pm

Tues – Weds, Sat 7am-7pm

Fri 13th 7am-12 noon // 3pm-7pm

Sun 15th 7am-2pm // 3pm-6.30pm from 6.30 pm closing event

*On Sunday 15th there will also be a closing event from 6.30pm lighting candles as part of Baby Loss Awareness Week and the global 'Wave of Light'

Link sound work "the HEALING"

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