Samstag, 16. September 2023

„9050” white, red, green - Rumpenheimer Kunsttage

 From a white ribbon to a line of white, red, green, “ 9050”A Land Art Installation

Rumpenheimer Kunsttage (Rumpenheimer Art Days)

15 September 2023 opening

17 - 18 September 2023

Schlosspark Rumpenheim

Rumpenheim, 63075 Offenbach, Germany

(Organized by Kunst.Ort.Rumpenheim e.V)

About  „9050” A Line of white, red, green

The installation made of jute ribbons and trees has several meanings. Making invisible boundaries and space visible – showing connections, how things are connected to one another. The relationships and connections between humans and nature. The idea arises that everything is connected to one another and that connections can be made visible. What influence does the environment have on the object and how does the object affect the environment? The highlighting of individual objects, in this case a single tree, from the crowd through individual marking. But in the end, all of these marked trees form a group and form a unit despite the individuality in the patterns. 

At first glance it doesn't seem noticeable. The trees with the jute ribbons form a baseline that runs through the installation. In one part the line follows a diagonal zigzag course and in the second part of the installation it follows a straight line. Because I had never had the experience that life and thoughts running in a straight line. A side effect is caused by the sunlight shining through the leaves. It creates an ever changing play of shadows and light on the ribbons, which makes them even more visible and distinctive. As I already mentioned, this is the longest (largest) installation that I have created so far.

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