Mittwoch, 17. August 2022

In My Room

  In My Room 

20 August – 12 October 2022

opening 20 August 2022 , 18.00 h

Studio Lux

Tempelhofer Feld 145, 12099 Berlin, Germany

Art & eroticism are historically closely linked. The exhibition focuses on the synergy of art and erotic culture. In My Room reflects the metaphorical meaning of spaces in the field of tension between inside and outside, conscious and unconscious. How can mental and physical sensitivities be expressed symbolically? And how much of the invisible can the obvious point to. 

Two videos works of mine are presented

DARK”, 2:38 min. with Tsai Hsin-yin

A body between two worlds, one interior and an exterior. The shadows of inner turmoil, longings, fantasies, secrets, the ghosts of the past, present, future in our deepest core. All these shadows haunt us. We cannot see them, but they exist and rule the soul and the mind.

sky above – sky within”, 4:54 min,with Wiebke Kahn

At the beginning, an isolated, covered woman stands in a high room with high-ceilinged windows. Enveloped by a dark sky with roaring clouds. The woman throws off the cloth and loosens her bonds. Her arms stretch out along the high walls to the windows…

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