Donnerstag, 9. Juni 2022

KAOS 2022 4th International Festival of Contemporary Collage

My sound collage “m19” will be played at

KAOS 2022 4th International Festival of Contemporary Collage

10. 06.-13. 08. 2022 ; Opening 10.06.2022, 20 h. at Layer House

Special exhibition Silent in Chaos with sound and visual collages 

17.06.2022 – 13.08.2022 at Na mestu Gallery

Kranj, Slovenia

Main venues Layer House / Na mestu gallery Art District Kranj in

The main exhibitions will be accompanied by evening concerts, light screenings, workshops, talks with artists, sound walks and guided tours. Opening hours of the galleries → Tuesday – Saturday 11.00–19.00 → Sunday, Monday and public holidays closed

The festival and the exhibition are organized by Carnica Institute and supported by Municipality of Kranj and the Slovenian Ministry of Culture

My work for the festival sound collage “m19”

Exploring the relationship between silence and mix sounds containing nature, electronic sounds, music and voices. Which create altogether a chaotic sound atmosphere. The silence occurs unexpectedly without following a pattern of length or time distance. There is no hind how long the silence will stay or if the end is reached. That can cause confusion and uncertainly but is reflects as well a chaotic freedom at the same time.

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