Sonntag, 1. Mai 2022

View behind the Curtain

 "View behind the Curtain" a collaboration project with dancer Jana Schmück (Bautzen, Germanywill be present at :

10th Rockville Arts Festival

May 7- 8, 2022

VisArts Center Rockville , Rockville Town Square, Rockville , MA, USA

The work will be shown in the program section Turmoil & Error Peace Letters to Ukraine, CINEMA U8 of the Arts Festival, Cinema U8. Curator Wilfried Agricola de Cologne.

This video program documenting the networked collaboration between artists, curators and institutions is created in solidarity for the Ukraine. The video program is presented in collaboration with VisArts Center Rockville (MA)

“ View behind the Curtain” (The Ashes of Eden Project) is a collaboration project with dancer Jana Schmück (Bautzen, Germany). The project has so far included several video works. The aim of the project is to show a shared cultural experience shaped by the social and political conditions and the environment. “View behind the Curtain” is the 3rd segment of the Ashes of Eden Project

Link to "View behind the Curtain"

Link to CINEMA U8

‘Cinema U 8 – ALPHABET (

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