Sonntag, 3. April 2022


Two video works from my ongoing A State of Bared project where screened at EROS project at the culture center "Stowarzyszenie WL4 Przestrzeń Sztuki w Budynku Mleczny Piotr “ (Association WL4 Space of Art in the Milk Piotr Building)

EROS Exhibition

22.01.2022 - 27.02.2022

"Stowarzyszenie WL4 - PRZESTRZEŃ SZTUKI",

MLECZNY PIOTR, Stocznia Cesarska, Gdańsk, Poland

The works were “ bared to you and me” with Wiebke Kahn and “Dark” with Tsai Hsin-Ying

The EROS project refers to these spheres of our lives which are often hidden behind a curtain of shame, prohibition, public stigmatizationand taboo. Eroticism, however, is one of the most basic human needs.Carnality and the desire inseparably connected with it, depending on the professed values, can be both a curse and fulfillment. The desire to recognize yourself, to find hidden areas of the body, as well asprocreation, search for your sexual identity or sexuality - notalways unambiguous - in the imposed binary reality of the world, are individual challenges of each person. EROS in culture has many meanings and interpretations. Subsequent epochs, philosophicalattitudes and religions sculpted the image, showing the richness andthe diversity of visions of human physicality and love, sex and the fulfillment of needs. How has the 21st century affected sexuality? Has virtual reality become another form of experiencing and recognizing our physicality? Have the recent years of the sanitarycrisis, when the ordinary human contact has been subjected to restrictions and social bans, simultaneously developed our hidden need for the close physical proximity? Has the development of science and religious totalitarianism's influenced the limits of our knowledge and shame? Observing art, it seems that EROS, also today, has a well-established position. In the EROS project the exhibition of selected works will be representing artistic attitudes of the artists tackling this topic, it will be the act of entering the space of human senses, phantasms and desires

Video work bared to you and me :

Video work DARK :

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